How to Create Simple and Amazing YouTube Videos?

YouTube Videos

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Are you taking the first steps in preparing YouTube videos? We offer a cheat sheet that will help you navigate and understand what you need to prepare for posting videos on YouTube.

From the article you will learn:

What video-editing programs to use;

How to adapt a video for YouTube.

Creating a successful video for YouTube includes not only planning, staging, and shooting, but also final editing (which is also called editing or post-production). This process allows you to “stitch” the footage into a single whole, add sound, upload the picture and some other effects.

In the past, post-production was an expensive process requiring professional equipment and specialist work. Today, everyone can edit the video on their own using inexpensive or completely free software. Let’s consider what stages post-production consists of.

Choosing a program for editing videos

If you are just mastering video editing, start with FlexClip online video editor. This service is needed for editing the captured fragments in a holistic video clip. With its help, you will add special effects, text, music, splash screen, etc. Anyway, it has basic functionality sufficient for most simple tasks. As it points out on its website, FlexClip is ideal both for beginners for its easy use on their usual productions.

How to Create Simple and Amazing YouTube Videos? 1

If you understand that the functionality of FlexClip is not enough for you, choose one of the professional programs :

Movavi Editor;

Adobe Premiere Pro;

Avid Medi Composer;

Vegas Pro 16

YouTube Videos

Licenses depending on the program and functionality will cost between $ 30-200, but you will get software that will last for years to come.

We do not recommend immediately buying a paid program – start with free ones. So you will understand what you like about them, what functions are missing, and subsequently, pick up the software not at random, but based on your needs.

Adapt the video for your YouTube Channel

Any program mentioned above can cut and paste the video. This is done simply: add the source files to the program, and they are reflected in the timeline; further note the moments of the video that will be played from the specified time.

Once you have combined individual files and tracks into a complete video, you can improve it with additional effects. For example, you can explain what is happening on the screen using text – most programs allow you to add and edit it.

You can also overlay images and other graphics (for example, show product images). Among the simplest special effects are a soft-focus, sepia, a split screen, an interactive background (if there is a chromakey on the background).

You do not need to be a pro to add these and other effects since most programs allow you to implement them in a couple of clicks. The main thing is not to overdo it. Special effects are designed to improve the video and emphasize the main message, but not to distract the viewer.

So, you have a finished video. Now you need to export the file. YouTube supports most video formats. We recommend exporting in .avi, .mp4 or .wma formats . They are most common and compatible with any devices and programs if you need to change something in the future.

YouTube Videos

When you edit a video, make sure that the settings are set to 16: 9 – other formats are poorly perceived by YouTube users. Whatever file format you choose, export the video in 720p or 1080p resolution. Even if viewers have limited Internet speeds, YouTube will adjust and offer lower-resolution viewing.

Now, you have been familiar with editing YouTube videos. But it remains to start shooting and to comprehend the wisdom of editing on their own experience. At last, good luck with your development.

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