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A Complete Winter Guide: Andaman Travel!!

Choosing a perfect winter destination always comes with confusion. There are a lot of places to visit in India. The best one to spend winter vacations solo or with family and loved ones is ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS!

With pristine white-sand beaches, shimmery shores, blue waters, and serene surroundings of the place will make you fall in love with Andaman. It is very famous among honeymooners. Winters are not chilly here and you will be excited to explore the true vibe of the place.

Weather of Andaman in WINTERS!

As I said, there are no chilly winters in Andaman. The season starts here from December to February. The temperature goes to 22-25 degrees and the weather looks amazing to explore the surroundings and adventure activities.

The best time to visit Andaman begins from November to May. A lot of tourists visit Andaman during this time and have fun with their families and friends. Get ready to get tanned in the winter sun.

P.S. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen.

Places to Visit in Andaman in Winters:

1. Cellular Jail

Often known as Kala Pani, cellular jail is one of the popular places to visit in Andaman. The jail is located in the capital city of Port Blair. The jail is of the British era and a lot of freedom fighters were imprisoned in the Cellular jail. The light and sound show is another highlight of the place.

2. Limestone Caves

The Limestone cave is a delight for nature lovers. The caves are at the bottom of the sea and deposits of marine life, shells, skeletons, and corals. Limestone caves are nestled deep in the mangroves and lush green rainforests. A speed boat ride is a must for reaching the caves. Don’t forget to take your own water bottle and get in touch with your boatman. In peak season, the place gets crowded, make sure to reach early there to enjoy the unique marvel.

3. Marina Park and Aquarium

Another enthralling experience to have in Andaman. To watch the different shells, big shells, corals, crabs, species of fishes, Marina Park and Aquarium is the perfect place to visit. One can cover the whole place in 1 hour and best to explore in winter.

There you will see some rare corals and marine life.

1. Murugan Temple

A Hindu temple built on a hillock surrounded by lush greenery is a must-visit place apart from the beaches & islands. The temple offers tranquil surroundings and showcases the Dravidian style architecture. The complete name of the temple is Sri Vetrimalai Murugan Temple and was built in the year of 1926 by the British.

2. Howrah Bridge

The major and chief attraction of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is in Neil Island. A natural bridge named after the Howrah Bridge by the local Bengalis living in Neil Island. A walk on the steep rocks with great views of nature and blue waters all around. One can spot the beautiful marine life like starfish, corals, small crabs, octopus, etc.  Experience the best sunrises and sunsets and do visit this beautiful place when in Andaman.

Activities to Do in Andaman :

1. Beach Hopping

The perfect activity when visit Andaman is visiting the beach. Andaman is famous for beaches and islands. There are hundreds of Islands that have so many famous beaches. Hire a boat or explore the small and lesser explore beaches and islands. Enjoy games of volleyball and the sun-kissed beaches will make you crazy with the views, blue waters, and surroundings.


  • Radhanagar Beach
  • Corbyn’s Cove Beach
  • Long Island Beach
  • Elephant Beach
  • Ross and Smith Island Beach
  • Wandoor Beach
  • Lalaji Bay Beach
  • Aamkunj Beach
  • Mayabunder
  • Casurina Beach
  1. Water Sports

Another fun and adventure activity you can do in Andaman is water sports activities. Andaman is a perfect spot for Scuba Divers. Scuba Diving, sea walking, snorkeling, and seaplane riding are some popular water sports adventures you can do. Experience the best with no interruptions due to rain. Winters are perfect to explore and enjoy.

2. Havelock Island

Havelock Island is the popular island of Andaman. The island has two popular beaches Radhanagar and Elephant beach. If you are searching for the perfect spot for snorkeling then Elephant beach is the perfect place to experience marine life. Radhanagar beach is the cleanest and beautiful beach that comes on no.7 in Asia.

3. Coral Reefs

If you want to explore the colorful multi-color coral reefs under the turquoise blue waters then visit Jolly Buoy Island. In winters, the coral reefs look stunning and you will be amazed by the beauty underwater.

It is a winter visit but do not forget to carry,

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Moisturizers
  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Thin sweater
  • Bathing suit

There are a lot of places and islands to visit in Andaman, as the union territory spreads in a large area. Plan your Andaman trip in winter and experience the chilly breezes and soothing weather with your family and loved ones.

Live. Travel. Explore!

Which Is The Best, Reliable Desert Safari Provider In Dubai? Find It Out Now! 1

Which Is The Best, Reliable Desert Safari Provider In Dubai? Find It Out Now!

Which Is The Best, Reliable Desert Safari Provider In Dubai? Find It Out Now! 2
best desert safari provider in Dubai

You have reached the global city, Dubai and planning explorations in full-throttle. You are busy shopping in the malls, dining in its grand restaurants and hotels, cruising in the dhows and more. You are having a riot and do not want to miss out on any exciting activities. There are also thrill-seekers who want to enjoy new adventures in the city or around it. A great option for the both adventure-savvy team is the Desert Safari in Dubai hosted by reliable, best desert safari provider in Dubai. Seasoned adventure-savvy crowd can opt for exciting desert safari tours packed with pulsating, safe adventures.

How to choose the best Dubai Desert Safari?
Have you ever experienced the thrills of Desert Safari in Dubai? If you haven’t, you may be surged with enthusiasm to seek the thrills. If you have enjoyed the experience already you are eager to experience it again!  You are welcome to enjoy the pulsating Desert Safaris and cherish the safe adventures in the global city, Dubai.

But how can I choose the best Dubai Desert Safari?

Here are some important considerations that will help you choose. You have reached the global city, Dubai and planning explorations in full-throttle. You are busy shopping in the malls, dining in its grand restaurants and hotels, cruising in the dhows and more. You are having a riot and do not want to miss out on any exciting activities. There are also thrill-seekers who want to enjoy new adventures in the city or around it. A great option for the both adventure-savvy team is the Desert Safari in Dubai hosted by reliable, best desert safari provider in Dubai. Seasoned adventure-savvy crowd can opt for exciting desert safari tours packed with pulsating, safe adventures.

How to choose the best Dubai Desert Safari?
Have you ever experienced the thrills of Desert Safari in Dubai? If you haven’t, you may be surged with enthusiasm to seek the thrills. If you have enjoyed the experience already you are eager to experience it again!  You are welcome to enjoy the pulsating Desert Safaris and cherish the safe adventures in the global city, Dubai.

But how can I choose the best Dubai Desert Safari?
Here are some important considerations that will help you choose best desert safari in Dubai.

  • Safe Adventure
Desert Safari Dubai is a safe adventure planned to provide you good excitement. Choose only safe adventure though you may want to experiment new thrills in the desert. You have an array of safe and exciting adventures to opt for in the desert safari Dubai such as dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, photography sessions and ATV rides and you will love your experience and be settled with a rewarding, adventurous experience.

  • Professional drivers and tour guides
Focus on your safety though you may be planning only a safe adventure. Else the fun and thrills in the desert can transform to a misadventure and spoil your experience. Best and reliable desert safari providers in Dubai can offer you the services of experienced and professional tour guides cum professionals. You will benefit from the safe experience while enjoying your desert safari Dubai experience.

Do not opt for safaris that employ freelancers as their behaviour and conduct can be erratic and vexing for you. You require only the services of well-behaved, trained professionals who can offer you best assistance and support during your tour. So, smartly avoid trouble during your tours. Also ensure that your professional guides and drivers converse in English and can offer you required assistance. Do not entertain guides who cannot speak in English.

  • Weigh the advantages of the tour packages
If you are smart, you can enjoy the best desert safaris in Dubai. Simply assess the offering of your tour operators. Some tour operators have best packages that provide you plenty of pulsating adventures and other entertainments such as Belly dancing or Tanoura dancing, dune breakfasts, complimentary drinks and gifts. Choose the best, reliable desert safari providers in Dubai and weigh the advantages or activities of the tour packages offered by them to have a delightful experience.

  • Experienced tour operators
Opt for the services of experienced tour providers. Such experienced hosts will be able to arrange all the required facilities and they can even manage all your requirements. They will have clear understanding on the requirements of their guests and will be ready with all your essentials. Moreover, they are aware of the precautions that should be taken while planning desert safari and ensure the safety, comforts of the guests during the desert safari in Dubai.

  • Tour packages for family
Many tour packages are designed for families too. If you are planning adventure with your family ensure that your tour operators have safe arrangements. If they have only safe adventures that you can and your family can enjoy, confirm your tour after a final enquiry with your operators. Many reliable, best desert safari providers in Dubai have arrangements for families and precautions for the ailing. With their guidance, you can plan a best experience in the serene, unspoilt desert terrains of Dubai.

  • Choose multiple safe adventures
While planning your safari, ensure that you choose a tour with multiple adventures. The best safe adventure are dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding etc. Ensure that your tour operators offer these multiple safe adventures and provides you good excitements during the safari. Have a splendid thrill-seeking, adventurous experience!

  • Conveyance facilities
Opt for a Desert Safari Dubai tour that offers pick-up and drop facilities to your hotel. It is not easy to arrange pick-up facilities to the desert terrains in the early hours or drop facilities in the late hours to your destination. You may be lost in the attempt to arrange it yourself. So, rely on the services of best desert safari providers in Dubai and confirm the conveyance arrangements.

  • Best arrangements
While choosing your tour operators ensure that they have good arrangements for food, toilets, clean drinking water, first-aid and other essentials. Best, reliable desert safari tour operators can offer you premier arrangements and you can enjoy the convenience.

  • Check the group size and vehicles used
There are tour operators conducting safaris with over-sized groups in an attempt for gaining high profits. Do not fall prey to such ignoble groups. You need to choose desert safaris that offer medium-sized groups around 7 members in a vehicle depending on the size of the vehicle. It will be highly uncomfortable to travel in vehicles packed with persons.

  • Opt For Comfortable, Air-Conditioned Vehicles
Also ensure that your tour operators choose air-conditioned, comfortable vehicles to reach you to the desert destinations. Reliable, desert safari operators own spacious vehicles in good condition to reach you safely to your destinations. Vehicles that are in old-condition can break down and spoil your tour. Fully air-conditioned vehicles are essential to ensure your comforts in the hot desert terrains. So, specify it to your tour operators while booking your tour.

With some wise considerations, you can enjoy your Desert Safari in Dubai and have a lasting experience to cherish…Have a riot in the cosmopolitan city, Dubai.

Most Popular Sport Touring Motorcycle for Short Riders 3

Most Popular Sport Touring Motorcycle for Short Riders

Sport Touring Motorcycle

The sports bikes are the speed machines of the world of motorcycles. Sports bikes, powerful with sophisticated suspension systems and high-performance brakes, usually have the latest and best technology you can find on two wheels. A common feeling about popular touring bikes is that they do not feel comfortable unless you go over 100 miles per hour, at which point they feel very comfortable because they are in their element. While most sports bikes are not designed for remote driving, that has not stopped many cyclists from adding some soft bags and a better seat so they can enjoy long stretches of challenging roads or tracks. In general, sports bicycles are not the best option for a beginner due to its nature trigger hair and its prodigious power, but a sports bike of medium power and low power or a lightweight sports bike can be a good option for start it’s the kind of bike you definitely want to ride.

What is the purpose of the motorcycle?
Before thinking about the brand you want, the color options, or something too in depth, decide the purpose of your motorcycle. Is it for displacements? Riding pleasure after work or on weekends? The way you use the motorcycle can dictate what you should consider and what you should avoid.

How much power do you need?
Once you have decided the type, you should refine your options more. Most manufacturers have multiple sizes of each type of motorcycle. While you are still learning to drive a motorcycle well, you will want a motorcycle that can meet your needs without being too powerful to handle. You do not want something too heavy, too high or more powerful than you are able to handle well as a beginner, but something that suits your size.

How much are you willing to spend on Bikes?
Another factor to consider is how much you want to spend on your first motorcycle. Do you have the option to buy a slightly used motorcycle that you can drive for a year or two and then upgrade to something bigger or more in line with your long-term selection? If there is not a good market for used motorcycles in the place where you live, should you buy a new motorcycle at a lower price or go directly to your long-term vision of what you want? The reality is that you will most likely drop your motorcycle, fall smoothly or, sometimes, have an accident. How much can you afford to replace in the bodywork or parts, even if you have good insurance with a deductible?

Features to look for on a motorcycle for beginners
Each motorcycle has a long list of features to consider, but we have reduced it to a handful that will help you choose the best motorcycle for beginners. These are the basic common criteria you should look for in each motorcycle that will help you when you go to buy your new adventure.

How to choose the last beginner motorcycle?
Where to start? I like the furious sound of the muscles of a sports bicycle, but I am afraid of the power it accumulates. I like the deep sounds of a helicopter. They also look rough, but am I in a position to handle that heavy machinery?

I live in the city, but I would like to escape to the countryside from time to time. Maybe, just maybe I would like to experience how it feels to get off the asphalt. Climbing an uphill path or following a path through the forest.

So many things to experience, but I’m not even close to a hint of what will make my two-wheeled dreams come true. One thing I know for sure is that not all bicycles can handle all those different terrains, so first I have to find them.

Choosing the right motorcycle for beginners is not just about different models and designs, the power and what most appeals to your idea of driving. Many pilots make a mistake buying their first motorcycle for beginners just because of the image they are looking for. But does it fit your lifestyle?

The motocross bike in a city makes as much sense as a Harley off-road, practically none, except if you want to exhibit it in your garage. It is not impossible to make longer trips on a sports bike with a companion and some luggage, but it can happen that you do not enjoy it much.

Adventure motorcycles are very fun, but if you plan to travel alone in the city’s traffic, you’re almost not making the most of your bike, and it can even be a very expensive option.
Don't Hold Back, Travel the World With Easy Finance Option 4

Don’t Hold Back, Travel the World With Easy Finance Option

Travel loan

Travel loan has been introduced by banks and financial institutions to facilitate easy funding of travel plans. Travel loan comes under the category of personal loan. Banks and financial institutions are nowadays have created specific travel loan products to cater to the fund requirements of people in order to fulfill their travel plans. Although you would also require proper management of debt and finances so that after the dream travel you do not find yourself stuck with a burden of heavy loan.
Taking a travel loan also has the potential to turn the tide against you in terms of your financial position, thus, it becomes very important to maintain a certain kind of discipline with your borrowings and manage the repayment of debt in an efficient manner. Few tips that you should follow are:
  1. Borrow within your limits. Do not go overboard with the amount you borrow, keep in mind you have to repay more than you are borrowing.
  2. In case you have another loan running then assess diligently how the second borrowing is going to affect you financially and the increased monthly burden.
  3. Put a smart strategic plan in place in case you are opting for travel loan.
  4. Have more than one income source to increase your financial capability so that it helps you borrow less or repay the borrowed amount in time or either before time.
In addition to the above tips, there are certain special features of travel loan that makes it a good option:
1. Easy Application: Travel loan is easy to apply with numerous lending institutions providing the online application service. This very feature makes it the first choice of young professionals who prefer online interaction.
2. No Need of physical documents: In this digital world, with the increasing acceptance of online process, the lending institutions in order to make the travel loan product more attractive has eased the process by changing from physical documentation required to e-documentation.
3. Quick Disbursal: Moving the loan application process from online has speeded the process. Now when you apply for travel loan online the amount of loan is disbursed 3-4 times quicker than what it was during the time of manual processes.
4. Easy Repayment of Loan: Just like the application process becoming easier, the loan repayment process has also eased to a great degree. Now you can put the loan repayment on auto-pay through which each month the EMI will be debited from your account automatically. This makes the borrower tension free from the fear of missing the due date in case it slips from the mind. Thus, it makes the loan product more attractive.
When you opt for a loan for the purpose of travel, you must also keep this in mind that it is subject to repayment along with interest. Financing your dream travel through debt is an option worth considering but it also needs to be backed by proper planning and management of debt.

Tripod for a Perfect Photography

It would not be a problem to hold a certain electronic device in your hand while working with it, but it would be better if there was support or support that can hold the device firmly so you can do the job easily. You go on tour and you take your camera, that’s one thing. But if you go out and take the camera along with your kit, like flashes, etc., it’s a great facility that you’ll get when shooting.
Speaking of the camera kit, there is a very important component that every lover of photography must take to make the capture of the world in the lens more efficient, that component is the tripod. A tripod is a three-leg stand that is used to support the weight of the camera and to manage its stability. It can also be used to maintain the weight and stability of other objects, but I’m talking specifically about cameras. It is an important component to carry and there is no problem taking it with yourself since it is not so heavy. The location of the three legs away from the vertical center allows the tripod of the camera to better grip to resist tilting forces.
Why is an Important?
Let us get directly to the points which describe why you should have this useful component with you while you are shooting:

For Landscape Photography
Landscape photography is my favorite photograph. For this type of photography, the most important setting of the camera is the aperture. But the opening angles used to take pictures in the landscape will reduce the light, so we will have to reduce the shutter speed or increase the ISO. As both can not be modified as I explained previously, a tripod will help us handle this situation, as well as the hand-made shake.
Landscape photography is becoming the most popular pastime in the world today. Recent developments of smartphones, iPhone / iPad have changed the way we think about photography. To give a professional touch to your photographs, now it is not necessary to consult a professional. One can use various tools and applications to make their own masterpieces of photographs instantly with a few touches, particularly those taken at the graduation/wedding ceremony, honeymoon trip or new year. I have used many of these applications in the recent past. One such application is Photo Splash FX on iPhone / iPad, which provides the following unique features that you can not find in any other application. I noticed the following remarkable features:
For Low-Light Photography

As the day falls or we are filming indoors, there is not much light available to capture what we want. Some options are available through which we can increase the light, that is, expand the aperture, increase the ISO or reduce the shutter speed. Well, if you discuss this, you will not want to decrease the aperture, since that will affect the depth of field of the image, and the ISO could not be increased since noisy images are very desirable.
Therefore, the only solution is to use reduced shutter speeds, as much as you can go without getting unwanted movements in the shot before organizing the ISO and opening. Therefore, to obtain those slow shutter speeds, you will need a tripod to avoid the blur caused by the movement of the hand.
Photography using Filters
As you know, neutral density filters are used extensively to capture long exposures, I also like to use a polarizing filter for this purpose. But there is a problem using a polarizing filter because the darkness of the glass cuts off the light and this means you will need lower shutter speeds, a faster ISO rating or wider apertures to get the shot. A travel tripod plays a role here: it will repel the movement of the hand at a lower shutter speed when using the filter.
Capturing Long Exposures
A perfect example of telling you why you should have a tripod is when you are going to photograph the movement of the world around you by opening the shutter several times, which is in seconds, sometimes minutes, you can not hold the camera in your hand that long and your click will be blurry. Therefore, you must have a tripod if you want to click on long exposures.
Video Work
The video seems to be a far better-recorded piece when it is shot on a tripod, it makes it look more professional. You can make money using video.
Make the latest video on the trending topic and start vlogging today.
The above mentioned are some of the factors which clearly explain why you should have a tripod whenever you go shooting the beauty of the world or any other scene. A tripod is a must thing to have in your bag if you want a good looking photo to look more of a professional looking one.
Travel Wedding

How To Find the Perfect Resort for Your Wedding

Planning a destination wedding? Here’s how to find the right venue.

Besides the budget, this decision is the biggest in your entire wedding planning process. Although the two go hand-in-hand, cost should go at the top of your list. Detail what you can realistically afford. And don’t forget to factor in the incidentals. Gratuities, dress alterations, the bridal emergency fix-it-kit and other not-oft thought of wedding necessities can really add up. While some all-inclusive resorts offer gratuities-included programs, outside vendors such as photographers, florists and musicians may expect to be tipped. The customary allowance varies from country and destination, so ask your on-site wedding coordinator for a recommended tipping guide.
destination wedding tips

Photo Credit: Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort

1. Take out a piece of paper. 
Give one to your guy too. Write down your top three requirements for your wedding experience. Do you prefer a barefoot vibe? Or did you always imagine yourself as a bride in a grand ballroom? Is a formal dinner your top priority or do you prefer to savor the local cuisine? Next, each of you should outline your ideal destination. Have you always wanted to get married in a jungly locale or are you all about the water? Does he absolutely need to be near a golf course? And are historic attractions important to you? Then whittle down your hotel needs: Is service the most important part of your equation? How about a spa or yoga? Do you absolutely insist on having a variety of restaurants and cuisines or is it more about the activities? You may also want to each put down three absolute deal breakers (it’s not family-friendly or the pool is small, for example). 
2. Compare your lists. 
Highlight the similarities as a guide to choosing your ideal location. Much like couples and their weddings, countries, islands, states and resorts have distinct personalities. Some places are more action and adventure-centric; others have a more raucous party vibe. There are hotels that focus on haute cuisine, while others highlight the spa. As with most decisions, start with the broad strokes (country or island, for example). Take into account travel time and accessibility for you and your guests. Also think about how language and cultural differences might affect your planning, as well as the legal requirements for getting married. Some countries mandate waiting periods and on-site medical tests, so that is something you’ll need to add to your time frame and budget equation.
3. Choose a resort that speaks to your wedding vision as a couple. 
Make a list of a dozen or so and send out query e-mails to the resident wedding coordinators. Ask the basic package-offering questions, availability in your desired time frame and the kicker—cost. Some resorts require minimum spending on food and beverage and/or room nights. Clarify all that in this initial correspondence. Ask about accessibility to the airport, major cities and any wedding-weekend excursions that you may be considering. You’ll also want to ask basic weather-plan questions (like what happens to outdoor events in the case of rain?) and if the hotel requires or accepts wedding and travel insurance. If childcare or elderly needs are important for your guests, ensure that these points are covered in these early e-mails. Also, clarify the hotel’s policy on using outside vendors. Ask about site inspection trips and planning opportunities.


How To Travel Safely

Top 5 Websites Similar to Best Buy Apps & Websites for travelers Where to go If you can’t decide where to travel, do a little bit of search so you can have a great travel experience, Gadling has information of almost every city in the world with hotels, food, art, flights and news; This website can definitely help you choose a city to visit and keep you updated while you are visiting. If you want more specific information of a country or area search for cities to visit in the United States or Argentina for example. Flights Now you can search for flights in the famous search site Google with Google Flights (you can download the app) using this app you can compare rates between airlines and the best dates and times for you to travel. Expedia is a website where you can search for your flight, hotel, cruise and car (all in one site) so is Kayak. Download Flight View app to check your flight every moment. Transportation Either you are traveling alone or with companion you need to be sure you have transportation already booked, it’s really common you arrive and you’ll find transportation inside the airport but most of the time they surely are expensive. Here you’ll have a lot of options: at you can rent a car to drive around the city or country you choose to visit (Waze is a traffic app that can be useful). You can also booked private transportation with Shuttlewizard (website only in the U.S.) or can use Uber (open the app if there’s service in your destination).The other way to transport is by using the public transportation (be careful, in not always safe), look if the city you are visiting has an app for that, for example, Golaapp shows you public and private transportation in the city of Los Angeles. Hotel In Kayak or Expedia you can do it at the same time you are buying your flight ticket. Sites and apps such as and shows you the hotels available all around the world in case you didn’t booked this at the same time you bought your flight tickets. Tripadvisor can also help easily, plus, you can read reviews! Where to go Spotted by locals is a website and app with local people reviews of best places in town, including parks, restaurants and other interesting places. Yelp is also a wonderful way to find all type of business around you. If you are looking for specific places, like where to eat, you can download Urbanspoon to your phone and check for restaurants and reviews real fast. As a traveler It’s really important to be prepared and technology has given us the chance to be even more prepared! Here are other useful apps when you are traveling: The world clock pro app can help you with times, Packing Pro is another amazing phone application that allows you to do lists for every type of trip and won’t let you forget a thing! Another great app to have in your phone when you travel is Touchnote (to send postcards to your love ones). Clapway
So you’re going on a fun-filled adventure wrought with excitement, peril, and beauty. You may travel to the exotic or familiar. You may travel by automobile, plane, train, or foot. Whether you’re in it for the journey or the destination, nobody likes being put between a rock and a hard place, you want your itinerary to be fulfilled without a hitch.

Here are some tips on how to travel safely:

1. Watch your back

My mother would always tell me this. She never felt I had my own best intentions in mind, and, admittedly, I’m a bit of a space cadet, so she’d constantly worry that I wasn’t watching my back. It’s important to keep your wits about you. Speaking as someone who has been mugged at gunpoint, I know how quickly you can go from being lost or unfamiliar to being in mortal danger. That was an adventure, but not the type anyone wants to have. Everything can be replaced, a human life is much more valuable than his or her possessions, but some things can’ be replaced when you’re traveling — don’t lose your passport when traveling internationally. Always stay with your group and protect each other, and keep the items you need to survive the trip close at hand or in a secure and accessible place.

2. Remember Your Brain Is A Computer Too

It’s great that you have a fancy smartphone that you can bark directions at and it will obey your every whim, but it isn’t as reliable as you are to yourself. Study maps and directions to plot out your adventure beforehand, and try to memorize them. This will allow you to enjoy the sights you came to see rather than have your head glued to a screen, not to mention you’re less likely to attract undesired attention now that you aren’t flashing around a shiny gadget.

3. Trust No one

I don’t just mean to be worried about kidnappers and bloodthirsty crooks. We all know stranger danger. I also mean it in the lighter sense. If someone gives you directions or where to travel to for this or that, there may have been a misunderstanding in communication on your part or theirs, even if you speak the same language. Take everything with a grain of salt, and get a second opinion whenever possible.