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Gold Bridesmaid Dresses for BFFs
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Know Why You are a Fool if You have not Chosen Gold Bridesmaid Dresses for BFFs

Just when you have decided to wear what on the big day, think of your bridesmaids. The dress chosen by the bride remains as a keepsake to her friends. However, modern brides are avoiding stereotypes. In the past years, the brides only followed rigid rules and the bridesmaids never wore the hideous dresses again. That’s why; you can set an example in the wedding industry. In this way, you can host the biggest fashion event in your life. The mantra is to make your girl gang alluring just like you.

If you are a lover of all the traditional things, you can have it at a modern wedding. The simplest way to achieve the dream is through gold. In other words, choose a gold wedding theme. It will look classic and redefined. Needless to say, you are bound to pick gold dresses for the bridesmaids. They will sparkle and thank you for pushing them to towards trying something new out. If you are yet to understand how a gold dress can be one of the best buys for the bridesmaids, go through the following section.

Gold: The Color itself

Gold is warm, shiny, and traditional. Considering the traits, the shade is all about charisma and spreading optimism in the air. It has the power to represent sophistication and elegance. For an elegant wedding, its presence is undoubtedly important. Additionally, the effect is linked to compassion and love. For a bride willing to glam up her wedding, the gold bridesmaid dresses are perfect. After all, when it is the beginning of a golden chapter of life, the color will symbolize prosperity and happiness.

It has Special Power

Not exactly but it sure screams confidence. Gold is an affluent shade and it has the power to make you bold. Especially, when it is your wedding, wouldn’t you like to give the bridesmaids their due credits? Believe it or not – a color can save your life-long friendship. The maids, your strong pillars in life, will stand behind you accompanying at the most vital moment. They will look oh-so-gorgeous. On top of it, your girl gang can match up with glitz of your dress, too. Also, not in an overwhelming way, either. Who would not like to put on such an attention-grabbing dress? In a way, it is an opportunity that must be seized.

Plenty of Dress Styles

All of your ladies can never have the same body type. It differs. Thanks to ever-growing popularity, the gold dress collection is something to rejoice forever. It definitely is a delight for the brides and the maids. For instance, if anyone has an hourglass body, a mermaid dress will flatter the curves just in the right way. The bodycon, bandage, and strapless dresses also make the cut for them. In any case, one of your besties has slender and athletic build; empire waist dress is one of the sexy choices. For broad shoulders and full bust, an A-line is a good example. It narrows down the shoulders and lets her show off legs.

Easy to Accessorize

One of the best parts of choosing a gold dress is because of the accessories. When your bridesmaids are only relying on the shimmery gold, stop them at once. After all, finding a pair of shoes is not a hard task – decide between maroon and black. For the jewelry, stop them from going over the top. Silver or pearl earrings and necklace can do justice.

Just as every bridesmaid has a different body type, the body measurements vary. It is best to order custom bridesmaid dresses and give your lovelies dress makeovers.

Fashion Outfits Womens


Sharara is not a whole dress. It is just the bottom wear which women can wear with kurtis. The sharara has a pleated structure and looks very much like a ghaghra. This kind of outfit is normally worn by women in Punjab region of Pakistan. Soon the trend scattered and today a large majority of women wear the sharara suit on festive occasions.
It has become one of the staple items in the wardrobe of Indian women. This article teaches you how to wear the sharara salwar suit properly this Shaadi season. Let’s get started!
1. SHARARA SKIRTS: Sharara is basically a pant which is heavily pleated from top to bottom. There are many iterations of this pant. One of the most prominent iterations has skin tight pants till the knees and from that point forth, it spreads like a ghaghra. This kind of sharara is very much in trend and gives a distinct look from all other outfits.
As a matter of fact, choli with sharara is widely preferred by women during the wedding season. However, you can also pair this with a long kurti but a crop top choli looks better with the sharara.
The dupatta is also an integral part of the whole outfit. It can be worn in any style according to one’s body type and preferences. However, the most common trend with the dupatta is to let it hand from one shoulder. You can drape the dupatta whichever way you want. There is literally no wrong way to drape it.
2. SHARARA SUITS: Be it a festive occasion or a wedding ceremony, the sharara suit can be worn on literally any occasion. Also, there is a bridal version of the sharara suit which is very much in trend nowadays among Indian brides. Heavy jewelry and outfit are mandatory in big fat Indian weddings. The bridal sharara suit gets the job done and looks pretty chic with moderately heavy jewelry. Also, a lighter version of the sharara suit can be worn on sangeet, mendhi, or sagan ceremonies.
3. STYLE IT PROPERLY: Mostly shararas are worn on weddings because they are elaborately styled with mirrors, motifs, embroidery, tassels and what not. However, if you are so keen on wearing them to a casual outing, just make sure that it is moderately styled and doesn’t look over for the occasion.
This outfit is very versatile as it can be designed in a number of fabrics. The styling of this dress is unique and hence it looks pretty chic whichever way you style it.
4. TRICKS AND TIPS TO STYLE SHARARA: Hardly any effort is required to style the sharara properly. Kolhapuri chappals and juttis go really well with this kind of outfit. If the sharara is made in the form of a skirt, you can very well style it with heels.
You can pick contrasting choli and sharara but make sure they fall in line with the dupatta. Gone are the days when gold ornaments were everything. Today, women are fond of kundan and polka sets and to be frank, these sets look much more appealing than gold ones.
The hairstyle is an important part of the whole look and women are very particular about it. But with the sharara suit, hairstyle doesn’t really matter.
A French braid looks good with a backless choli, and flowing open hair goes well with the normal choli design. Carry a clutch instead of a handbag. Ensure that the clutch doesn’t have any jarred ends as it would cause the fabric of the sharara suit to rupture.
This is all you need to know when acing the sharara suit look. Hope you find it useful.