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An Business women And Looking For Beauty Tips
Beauty Business

Are You An Business women And Looking For Beauty Tips?

Dear beauty Seeker, Women! The beauty of a woman is the property of women, which provides satisfaction to others when they see her. Accounting service is a very hard-working service.  And if you are one of those women who are working for an accounting service or running her service, then you don’t need to worry about your beauty.

What is the accounting service? Accounting service provider companies provide a service to their clients that keeps their accounts and bookkeeping process. There are different accounting services, some of them I am mentioning here:

  1. Management accounting
  2. Public accounting
  3. Tax accounting
  4. External auditing

Accounting service has many branches, but some of them I have mentioned here. Beauty is the simplicity and grace of the person, and at the account service, women’s have to work very hard. So, you must have to follow all of these beauty tips that must follow to keep your beauty active and make you look beautiful.

1. Your skin must need to moisturise.

skin must need to moisturise

It means that your skin needs to dry, go out for evening walks to make a change in the tone of your skin.

2. Your eyebrows must maintain

Eyebrows show the look of your eyes, and when in the accounting service, women talk to the client, then must have clean and levelled, they must maintain.

3. You must have to use a warm brush

For the makeup, you must use a hot brush for makeup so that it will make your eyeliner right and you look great at the accounting service.

4. Lipstick with light colour must use so that it makes you more attractive

That’s the thing when you talk to the other person, and they look at your lips, so you must have to use a light colour so that it will make you attractive at your accounting service.

5. Prevent perfumes and scents

Are You An Business women And Looking For Beauty Tips? 1

Don’t use high potential perfumes that makes the room uncomfortable to take a breath.

6. Nail colours and hands

When you talk to the other person, you use your gestures in the accounting service so you must have to use excellent coloured nail polish or artificial nails so that someone can like and make contact with you at the accounting service.

7. Business makeup advice

Use an effortless and right looking colour makeup. Keep it light always so that it cannot distract the other person in your conversation.  

8. Jewellery for businesswomen

Use attractive jewellery and use a simple or otherwise don’t use it at the accounting service so that it makes you look beautiful.

9. Hairstyle

The main thing that is a hairstyle that must be good looking, attractive, and contact-making so that no one can get disturbed by you at the accounting service.

10. Shoe colour

Put decent looking shoes and keep them always clean. You can wear high heels or flat shoes, wear those who are comfortable for you in the walk.

11. Party dresses

When you have to attend a party, must wear an article of attractive clothing having an eye-catching colour.

12. Water

Are You An Business women And Looking For Beauty Tips? 2

Drink more water so that it makes your skin fresh and it will leave you young as always.

13. Legs

If you are wearing a short dress at office time, then you must have to shave your legs, so that it will not decrease your beauty.

14. Dark circle  

Dark circles around the eyes are terrible for the beauty of women. Use more water, take more rest, and use light make up around your eyes that will make those circles removable. It will increase your beauty.

These all are the beauty tips for the women to follow so that they can look at their accounting services. Work makes the person dull, but for businesswomen, they must have to work hard, and their beauty is the main thing in their work or a job, so when you follow these beauty tips. Your vision will remain constant.   


Beauty is the main thing of the women; if you are an accounting service provider, then you must have to follow all of these tips so that you will look beautiful and more attractive.

Illustration in designs
Digital Marketing

How to Use Illustration in Designs

When you decide to start, your designing work and you are not clear about illustration and photography. Both of them have different creative pros and cons, resource and time, required a different cost. Illustration helps to communicate your message in different ways, whether it is conceptual, realistic or in abstract form. Children book illustration helps you to make the decision in designing and illustration process. There are five reasons that help you to use illustration in designing.

  • To Express Abstract Designs

Sometimes, you are trying to convey your ideas and concepts by using the best course of action. Illustration defines topics and abstract themes in specified visual design that does not come in mind. The illustration is something about to access the individual and to express the personality. However, the illustration could be better by visualizing new abstract ideas. For instance, in the ad campaign in which photography is mandatory to ground the particular reality and make it more accessible. Moreover, it needs a present a specific person such as celebrity endorsement. Nevertheless, if you are trying to get values that are more abstract in branding such as innovations, playfulness, then illustration could be a better way to get it.

  • The subject in Photographic Ambitions

Sometimes you need your imagination to express your thoughts, but you have no enough budget or appropriate logistics for shoots. The illustration is the simplest beauty that you can express literally, whatever you like. Everything is possible in photographic ambition such as surreal, fantastic scenes and futurist, but it could cost for a small fortune. You have to pick the right style of illustration and there are no boundaries for you to create the world.

  • Telling a story

In the branding and advertising market, storytelling is the buzzword. It is a fact that the storytelling is very effective to engage consumers, to define the purpose and personality of a brand. The illustration is a great platform for people who are willing to start their journey in the storytelling world. People can easily tell the brand story, illustrate character or scene and they can construct narrations in several touchpoints of brands.

Characters do not have to be childish. They are an effective way to present brands’ attitude in an intangible manner. Characters are the easily relatable method that provides numerous options to expand in several platforms. Illustration is the best way to convey any particular process. It is important to highlight the core competencies of brands. Illustration has eco-friendly credentials and educational creativities that make appealing and eye-catching results for clients.

  • Infographics Data

Infographic is the most popular way for visual sharing platform since last decades. Instagram and Pinterest are well-known to spread and engage the detail everywhere. At the core side, an infographic is all about to make complicated information in the easiest way so that everyone could understand and digest by convert into visual form. The illustration can be effective in a photographic way, with a creative touch, list of facts and figure are very eye-catching. The illustration is helpful to visualize corporate statistics for the company’s annual report and provide a fresh perspective to clarify the complex situation. 

  • Illustrate a Particular Style

Illustration present unique design that transforms any idea, mood or feel. Whether, it is the platform of multiple campaigns, a graphic series for a brochure or an event. Illustration helps to pick a right style for researching or stocking an assent. The professional photographers may have different approaches and trademark styles in their subjects. The subject will always be a center point or a star. The art directed infographic campaign would also help to build brand recognition; it cannot be in the distinctive form as a specific illustration style. The illustration can help the brand to stand out from the crowd in the most distinctive manner and it defined attitude and personality of the brand.

Motorcycle Trips
Automotive Business

Tips For Long Motorcycle Trips

You ride the bike daily to go to the office if you are a working professional. If you are a student, you can use the bike for going to college or any other place. If the area is well-known to you, then even in an unfortunate situation such as accident, you can handle the incident on your own terms. But if you want to go for a long ride of bike then you need to keep something in your mind. You should also keep some things with you for a happy and hassle free trip. For example, your friends suddenly planned a long motorcycle trip. The duration of the bike ride is five days. Since it was a first time experience, you will learn many new tips on your own. But, the tips given in this article can help you have a pleasant bike ride. In this article, let us discuss the tips for long motorcycle trips received from experienced riders.

Have you not planned properly for a long bike ride? Then you will encounter many problems. You may have to suffer because of some mistakes but that is a real learning experience. You will never get from reading many books. So, here you go. Please find the article on bike riding accessories and other items for travelling long distances.

A. Tips For Long Motorcycle Trips – Select the correct bike

Before starting the trip make sure that you are comfortable with your bike in each manner. If there are any requirements for changes and modification in the bike, you better modify before starting the trip. If you want to change the handles, lights or anything on the bike, please change it immediately. Because going on a trip and enjoying the journey is not sufficient. Coming back in the same comfort level is also required.

B. Tips For Long Motorcycle Trips – Pack light and perfect

You don’t need to over-pack any items. The reason, maximum time you are in your riding gear. Just pack light essential items for making your stay comfortable. You are the only driver and need to take care of all your belongings. If there a place available in your bike for keeping the items, then it is fine. Otherwise buy saddlebags, you can easily hang on the back seat of your bike. Make a balance between both of the sides and pack accordingly.

C. Tips For Long Motorcycle Trips – Take a perfectly fit Helmet

The most important aspect while driving. It doesn’t matter whether you are riding your bike on a daily basis. Or you are going for a long ride. A perfect fit helmet is very important. Always buy a full-face helmet that covers your entire face. Half faced helmets look cool but they don’t provide safety to your jaws. Even experienced bike riders prefer a full-face helmet for long distance rides.

D. Tips For Long Motorcycle Trips – Dress well during riding

You need to wear protective gear during the long drive. It includes riding pants, ankle boots, knee jackets, elbow guards and much more. You need to dress properly while driving for your safety. When you are buying gear, look for comfort, durability and style. Also, check they are waterproof. You can ride your bike with normal clothes and proper riding boots but riding gear gives you more protection. In the beginning, surely you will feel heavy and awkward. But after starting your trip, you will enjoy the trip and it will give you a proper rider look.

E. Tips For Long Motorcycle Trips – Get your bike serviced before starting the Trip

Whenever you are going to start your trip, give your bike for servicing. The mechanic will check and fix all the minor repairs. The service will make your bike remain in perfect condition. For a biker, his/her vehicle must go smoothly on the road. Make sure all the lights are in excellent condition. Also, check the suspension and wheel alignment of the bike. The long bike ride will be a happy one for your body, mind and ego.

F. Tips For Long Motorcycle Trips – Check both tires, if necessary just change them

Make sure that both the tires of the bike are perfect. The reason, in the car you can change the tires in any circumstances. But in bikes, you can’t. Imagine, can you change the tyre of your bike in the middle of the road? Make sure that the tires are in their perfect condition. If they are not perfect or you have any doubts about the outcomes of the tires just change them before starting the trip. Do not use knobby tires for your long ride, use dual sport tires. Make sure that they have perfect pressure according to the need.

G. Be ready for all kinds of weather

Have you planned for a trip during the monsoon? Then you will have to brave the rain. Usually, heavy rainy conditions can spoil your long bike ride trips. So, you need to keep raincoats and rain pants in your luggage and gear. If you are going for a long bike trip on mountain areas, then be ready. The rain can come at any time.

H. Take a map for confirming your route

You need to carry a blueprint or a map of your route. It will make your trip easier and make you familiar. Are you an introvert and hesitate to ask for a route from local people? Then ensure to download the best navigation apps from Google Playstore. If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to ask for the proper route from local people. They are much familiar about the routes and can suggest you the best direction which even your map is not showing.

I. Take Breaks for relaxing your body

Don’t take unnecessary breaks on your trip. It will waste your time and break the riding flow. The frequency of the breaks necessarily depends on the climate and road conditions. Take the breaks according to KMS or Hours according to the terrain. If you take proper breaks, you can avoid injuries and your body will feel relaxed.

K. Stay Hydrated

Make sure that your body does not suffer from dehydration. Or else, you may lose your concentration and there are chances for accidents. Keeping yourself well hydrated throughout your ride is mandatory. You can even add Glucon-D or any other essential minerals/vitamins in the water. It increases the glucose level of your body. Taking water will not take much time. 

L. Keep your toolkit with you

You need to keep a toolkit in your bike for repairing some minor problems. You can’t find a mechanic in hilly areas so you need to repair them on your own. Do you understand why there is a need for a toolkit? Different tools are required for different bikes. Some basic tools are spare tubes, spark plugs, brake and accelerator cable, engine oil, wrench set and more. 

M. Keep a first-aid-box with you

You never know when you will meet with an accident or injury. For your safety and precaution, experienced bike riders suggest to keep the First-aid box in the list of necessary items. In an adverse situation, you can take treatment.


It happens many times that you start your trip with full enthusiasm.  But after a full day you will get tired and frustrated. Make sure that the same does not not happen to you. Negative and tired feelings can ruin your entire trip. Keep the right spirit from the beginning till the end in all circumstances. The trip will rejuvenate your mind and body.

One of the most important aspect before starting your trip is to get your bike serviced from an authorized service center. If your bike is in a warranty period, then there is no need to worry because the company service provider will give all the services. But if your bike has passed the

warranty period, you need a service provider who can provide the best service. The question is, can you find one who is trustworthy?

You are a working professional and you don’t have time to take your bike to the service station. In that case, you can book your professional according to your choice. Let us imagine, you are in Bangalore. Your friends have planned a bike trip for five days. There are many service providers who give maintenance service for bikes at your doorstep. Do you need information on how to book a qualified bike mechanic? Okay, kindly follow the procedure. Search the internet via the mobile for the companies provideing household services in Bangalore. Then download the best company’s app in your mobile. Open the mobile, browse through the profiles of mechanics who provide bike service at doorstep in Bangalore near your home. You just need to book the service at your required time. A professional will come to your doorstep and give home service. The prices of the service are shown prior to the booking so that you can easily compare the prices with the other service providers. He will come with all his required tools. In case if there is any major problem he will take the bike to the service station and repair it perfectly. After fixing the problems, he will deliver the bike to your doorstep within the given time. They are highly professional in their work and surely will provide quality work.

After all the repair work, you can go for your long trip without any hassle. Here is a toast to your trip.

Types of Washing Machines
Gadgets Home Improvement

Types of Washing Machines, What model you choose for your family?

Let us imagine, your family members have gone to a simple quiz competition. If your wife is asked the question, “Which are the three most electronic appliances in the home?” she will mention washing machine, fridge, and microwave oven. Yes, there may be other options. But washing machine will always occupy a prime position among the home electronic appliances. In recent times, every Indian family has a washing machine. The reason, the appliance saves time and energy. But do you know there exist various types of washing machines? Let us go to the details in this article.

Importance of Washing Machine

Do you know this appliance was in an old version even in the 18th century in Europe? It was just a wooden box where the water flowed in rotating cycles to clean the dirt off clothes.

In the Indian villages, even today, women wash clothes in the river. It is a difficult task to clean clothes with soap. But when you make use of the washing machine, the clothes get cleaned with your physical effort. With a smart washing machine, you can ask the appliance to start or stop the washing process by sending a text or giving a command via the mobile. Not all washing machines are the same. You need to use certain washing powder, the proper quantity of water and the time for the process.

If you read this article on types of washing machines, you will come to know the details.

Various Models of Washing Machines

If you are in India, you may have seen two types of the washing machine. In one type, you can load the clothes from the top position. And in the other type, you need to load the clothes from the front side. The description of both these models, you can read in the next round of paragraphs –

1. Types of Washing Machine – Top Loading Model

In this type, you need to open the cover at the top of the washing machine and then load the clothes. There is a round vessel which performs many functions such as 

washing, rinsing and drying in the washing machine. Do you know, the front loading washing machine is more preferred than any other model in the world?

Do you know that the top loading model is divided into two more types? They are the semi-automatic washing machines and fully automatic washing machine.

A. Semi-automatic washing machine

In this article of types of washing machines, we have followed one style. The non-use of jargon or technical terms. Even a layman has to understand the content. So we are explaining the models in very simple language. In this model, you have separate tubs for washing and drying process. If you want to clean clothes, you need to load them in the wash vessel, add the quantity of detergent and water. The last job you have to do is set the timer.

The washing machine will stop after the washing process. Now, you have to complete one more task. You need to remove the clothes, and put them in the other vessel for the drying process. Then, set the timer.

This model is always less expensive than the fully automatic model. The other benefits are the saving of water and energy. Now, another division comes in this model. There are two types of washing machines. They are known as

  • Single tub semi-automatic washing machine
  • Twin tub semi-automatic washing machine

The single tub semi automatic machine could complete all the washing and drying in only one vessel. The model is simple and occupies less space than the twin tub semi automatic washing machine.

When it comes to the twin tub, this model is more preferred that the single tub semi automatic washing machine. The two tubs are attached. One tub is used for washing while the other one is for drying.

There are also some disadvantages to the semi-automatic washing machine. Let us look into some of them.

The process of washing takes more time. What is the main purpose of a washing machine? It is to clean clothes, right? What do the customers say? Cleaning is not 100 percent in semi-automatic washing machines. It is a forbidden practice to wash delicate fabrics in this model.

Do you have a twin tub semi automatic machine? Then you need to move the clothes from one tub to another. You also need to ensure that the power to the appliance is switched off. Or else you may get an electrical shock.

B. Types of Washing Machines – Fully Automatic Model

This model has an advantage than its counterpart. It has a single tub. You just need to act as per the instructions of the manufacturer. That is, load the clothes, add detergent and water. The appliance will complete the process.

Did you understand the difference? This machine works at the click of a button. The model has several features along with washing modes. Press the button, select the features as per the need, and the task gets completed. The result is more perfect when it comes to cleaning clothes.

The fully automatic washing machines are further divided into two more categories.

  • Front load fully automatic washing machine
  • Top load fully automatic washing machine

So, which is the best model for you? Let us move forward and you will get the answer at the end of this article.

2. Top Load Fully Automatic Model

It is less expensive than its counterpart – front load model.

It weighs less.

Are you interested in buying a similar model? Then you can find several options in the market.

You just need to schedule and push a few buttons. The washing machine takes care of the rest.

Disadvantages of Top-Load Automatic Washing Machine

  • The washing process requires more water.
  • The water source has to be continuous. Then, only the cycle will get completed.

There are very few options related to features and programs when compared with the front load model.

Front Load Fully Automatic Model of Washing Machine

We need not go to the same description about a front load model. But let us discuss only on positive aspects of this model, will we?

  • The front load appliance gives more positive results when it comes to cleaning of clothes.
  • Uses less water/energy than its counterpart
  • It has more features/options and cycles.

Downfalls of this top loading fully automatic model

When you have more features and get good results? What can you expect? A rise in prices. Yes, this model is more expensive than the front load model.

  • A single wash cycle may take more time to get completed.
  • The weight is more than the front load models.
  • The top loading fully automatic model occupies more space.
  • After installation, it is a challenge to move the appliance from one place to another.
  • It has smaller loading capacities.

Types of Washing Machines – Front Loading Model

As the name suggests, the to-be-washed clothes get loaded from the front side. Even home improvement experts recommend this model as the consumption of detergent, water and electrical energy consumed is less. It also gives the best results in comparison to the other model (top loading).

Do you have limited space in the home? Then the front loading models are suitable for your family. You can wash big loads with this model. The bigger advantage, your clothes can last longer. Yes, there are some simple problems with water getting caught in the washing machine. In a similar situation, you may have to deal with musty odors emanating from the appliance.

Let us discuss in detail the benefits of having this type of washing machine – front loading model. Because they are cheap, these models get sold in large numbers. You can find the front loading models in small apartments, smart homes. Even bachelors buy this model if they have to live only for a year at some place.

A. Customer Friendly

Front loading units usually have the washer at the bottom and dryer on top. The only disadvantage, you will have to bend down to load the clothes.

B. Clothes

This is not our statement, but the opinion of reputed home improvement experts. These models can make your clothes last longer. The reason – absence of the central agitator like in top loading models. The clothes in the top loading washing machine get washed by means of the central agitator. In the front loading washing machine, the clothes get washed by the action of gravity and tub.

C. Fewer Cycles

Every front loading model has a large capacity. It can fit more clothes. So you need not do laundry less often.

D. Water/Energy Efficiency

Front load models are designed to save water and energy. As per a survey, the amount of water, detergent, and energy used is only one third when compared with their counterparts (top loaders). Yes, you may have to make an initial investment, but it is money well-spent. You get to save some cash on water, energy as well as shopping bills.

E. Reliable

In a front loading washing machine, the parts used for the cleaning process is very less. This model makes use of gravity force to do the cleaning. The top loading machine uses an agitator to clean the clothes. So, the activity needs more parts, more action and so you need to take good maintenance of the top-loading washing model.

F. Less Noise

You can load the clothes in the front loading washing machine and just relax. You can also catch a little nap. The reason – less sound. In the front model, there is a feature called as vibration control. So, the unit does not rattle during the cleaning process.

G. Features

You also have many features such as steam setting, self-cleaning cycle and more. Now since we have listed the benefits of front-loading washing machines, let us look at the cons. Will we?

H. Expense

Compared to the top loading model, front-loading washing machines cost more. But as we have specified in the benefits, they can save money for the long term.

I. Last Minute Addition

There are times, when you may have to add a cloth at the last instant. In such circumstances, you cannot open the door of the front loading washing machine. But in top loading washing machines, you can open the door and add the cloth.


Have you read the article on types of washing machine? Now armed with this information, you can choose the best model for your family. But as with all electronic appliances, you need to take good care of even the washing machine. After all, it is an electronic appliance. And when you purchase a model, ensure to keep the manual of the manufacturer at a safe place. The reason, it gives details of the times you have to provide maintenance service to the appliance. Also, you can get to know the DIY methods to handle and fix simple repairs.

Let us imagine, you bought the best washing machine as per the needs of your family. Ensure to give the maintenance service as per the need. We are sure you will buy the best model. And the washing machine will also work as per the need. In the future, you may come across an unfortunate situation when the appliance malfunctions and the warranty period has expired. No worries. Want The best way to solve this problem? Here is an example. You are in Bangalore, and the washing machine has malfunctioned after the warranty period. The next step? Do not waste time asking for referrals or searching for the phone number of your brand service center executive. Take some time, and search for the company providing home maintenance service in Bangalore city. Now, search among the profiles for the best professional skilled in washing machine service in Bangalore. He will be also skilled in maintenance service and repair of air conditioners. You can take time to search the best profiles, and book the best expert near your home. Ensure to keep the time of repair as per your family members’ time table. You can fix the repair of your washing machine by this easy method.

Have you read the article about the types of washing machines? Hope you got the information necessary for buying a new air conditioner model. All the best for your search.

Why SeekaHost is the Best PBN Web Hosting Provider in India 3

Why SeekaHost is the Best PBN Web Hosting Provider in India

Private Blog Network hosting

Private Blog Network hosting is a network hosting service whose operation, features and make are tailored specifically for blogs. Like any other hosting service, PBN has a central server which gives home pages a home.

PBN is on high demand here in India due to how efficient it has become over the years in providing satisfactory services. Blogs are a platform many individuals use to air their views and promote awareness on common or popular issues. SeekaHost has proven itself to be efficient in hosting anything to do with the internet. To that extent, SeekaHost has been accredited with top-notch features that have separated it from the rest.

Reasons why SeekaHost is the best PBN web hosting provider in India
  • SeekaHost assures unlimited bandwidth; In the case of a blog page, traffic is the one thing that makes your blog successful, and for this to happen, there should not be a limit to how many people visit your page daily. SeekaHost does not throttle your bandwidth. Our hosting services have been rubber-stamped by all our users. No matter how much traffic your blog has, you don’t have to fear that the site will crash or keep loading without opening the site.
  • Affordable; The web packages availed by SeekaHost are cheap and affordable. This is especially advantageous since most bloggers start from no traffic at all and need time to build up traffic so that they can start enjoying an income. SeekaHost supports upcoming bloggers by offering them really affordable rates and hosting options.
  • Top security. SeekaHost has enforced security measures with biometric possibilities, two-step verification secure login, and many more. It can block out threats and keep away hackers. It has a customized operating system, and a notification message is sent to the blog owner whenever suspicious activities are detected on the site.     
  • WordPress auto install. The provision of quality auto-install has ensured that all the security stops have been made and the install is done correctly. Your work is cut down immensely because you don’t have to check all security and settings boxes; it is already on auto and will work correctly with just a click of a button.
  • Automatic upgrading; The WordPress software is automatically upgraded whenever there are new features in the market. This upgrade keeps you up to date and gives you a fighting chance against other blogs. Essentially, SeekaHost makes it easy for your blog to become the trendiest.
  • Separates authentic comments from spam. All comments that come to your blog are automatically analyzed and separated so that the genuine ones are forwarded to your page and the fake ones are detected and sent to the delete or spam folder. Being able to generate raw material is a great feature and useful for bloggers because it saves you time and energy. You no longer have to send fake comments to spam manually.
  • No downtime; There is no downtime to SeekaHost. Your blog will always be up and running. With the ability to handle all that traffic, there is nothing that can stop your blog website from being fully operational at all times.
  • Advanced features; SeekaHost offers variety and advanced technological expertise. With 4GH Linux hosting, PHP7, and other reputable server technologies, SeekaHost is one of the best PBN web hosting you’ll come across anywhere in India. This technology keeps the servers up to date and makes it possible to tackle any issues with the blog page, if any.

There are more bloggers in India today and for a good reason; it’s a nice way to make money from writing what you’re passionate about. SeekaHost is your professional and affordable PBN hosting service provider, you can never go wrong with us.

SeekaHost – help the business grow online with latest SEO services & digital marketing strategies. 
How do you make a Pinewood Derby car go faster? 4

How do you make a Pinewood Derby car go faster?

Pinewood Derby car
Driving a car has always brought with it a sense of freedom and adventure, and nowhere is this feeling experienced more than on a race track. Unfortunately, races have their risks, and drivers must have a certain age before they can start training to compete. Children can play with toy cars, but until 1953, there was no car racing environment that was child-friendly. Today, children around the world can experience the excitement of racing in a Fastest Pinewood Derby Car Templates.
What is a Pinewood Derby?
The Pinewood Derby is a race, usually organized by a troop of Cub Scouts, in which members compete in their homemade pine racing cars. Cars can be as luxurious or as simple as desired and strict weight restrictions mean that children need to wisely distribute the weight allowed to help make the car faster. Each pine car is propelled by gravity by a steep wooden race track, running two or three more at a time.
Rules for Racing:
Each troop of Cub Scouts will have their own set of rules for Pinewood Derbies, but there are some constants that appear in all races. The pine wood cart, for example, can’t weigh more than five ounces. It can’t be more than seven inches long and two and three quarters of an inch wide. In the same way, pre-built cars are not allowed, since it cancels the purpose of each scout who creates his own.
Building a Pinewood Derby Car:
The basic components of a Pinewood Derby car have not changed since the 1950s. A block of pine wood, four wheels and four nails make up the starter kit, and many cars are made only with these items. You can add coins, melted lead and other metal weights to the car, as long as the car does not exceed the weight limit. The trick to building a car with a good chance of winning is to make the car as heavy as possible and make sure that the axles of the wheels are straight, which will help reduce swings and bumps.
The construction of a Pinewood car begins with the shaping of the car body. The aerodynamic cars may have a better chance of winning the race, but awards are also awarded for aesthetics. If a child already has his eye on a “dream car” for when he starts driving, why not make a small model of that car for the race? Parents are encouraged to help their children with the construction and decoration of the car, but it must be the child’s creation.
Use appropriate safety equipment, such as goggles or a dust mask, when working with wood to prevent sawdust from irritating the eyes or lungs. Inserting the wheels is quite simple, but be sure to check if there are small metal bits or “burrs” on the back of the shaft. These burrs can be left behind in the manufacturing process and can also cause the wheels to catch, which will reduce the speed of the car. Once the car is completed, the tests can be a good way to solve any last-minute problems before the day of the race.
What to Do on Race Day:
Each pine wood car must be inspected and approved by a committee before it can compete, so before leaving for the race, verify that the car meets all the requirements. Once the car has been delivered for inspection, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the races. The officials will take the various cars to the track and place them in position, and record the victories and losses.
During the part of the race, it is important to remember to encourage the scouts to show good sportsmanship. Encouraging friends’ cars can mean a more fun day for everyone involved and more celebration if one of the cars wins. The end of the day of the race will conclude with the distribution of medals or trophies for the categories of speed and style. Winners of the speed category are welcome to participate in the Pinewood Derby World Championship, and from there, the adventure can only continue!

10 Stellar Reasons Why You Need the Panasonic Eluga Ray 700

Panasonic Eluga Ray 700

In recent years, smartphones have become an integral part of our life events. Owning a good smartphone was only the dream before Panasonic launched its Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 with a combination of great specifications and affordable prices. The phone performs multiple roles for you at the most reasonable price. Apart from price, there are several reasons for you to buy Panasonic Eluga Ray 700. The 182 gm phone comes with three colors to choose from Champagne Gold, Mocha Gold, and Marine Blue. Let us examine the phone in detail.

The Display

Your brand new Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 looks astonishing with 5.5-inch touchscreen IPS -2.5D Curved typed display. The phone comes with full HD (FHD) type 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, giving you an amazing experience of photos and videos. For additional protection and scratch-free screen, the display is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. 

The Memory

The phone comes with the configuration of 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. The 3GB RAM is enough for video streaming and game playing experience you want to have. The 32 GB internal memory can save regular stuff for you, in case it is not enough you can use memory card up to 128  GB to enhance your internal memory capacity.

The Camera

Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 has a dual camera, at rear and front. Both the camera is of 13 MP camera. So either you take beautiful landscapes or the selfies, you always deserve the great photos! Apart from visuals, audios are also not behind to give you exciting experience. Your phone is embedded with K class amplifier sound system speaker that provides crystal clear sound.

The Battery

The 5000 mAh battery is more than enough for the whole day, many times it lasts for next half day as well! The longer battery life makes your travel joyful, enabling you to take unlimited photos and videos, use google map and cherish your favorite music without worrying about draining of battery.

Operating System, Processor, and Connectivity

Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 runs on Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. Looking at Panasonic’s aggressive endeavor to enhance the user experience, you can expect the upgrade of Operating system on this phone soon. Along with Android 7.0  Mediateck make, MTK6753 Octa-core 1.3GHz processor stuffs the power and speed to your phone. You can enjoy seamless video streaming and video calls with such a great combination. Your Panasonic Eluga Ray 7.0 provides you every possible connectivity via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G, GSM, GPS and FM.  The phone has two slots to accommodate two Nano SIM cards.

How to Buy Panasonic Eluga Ray 700?

Due to a reasonable price and latest specifications, Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 is catching the eye of buyers. For your convenience, Panasonic has made the phone available in leading retail outlets and on reputed e-commerce websites. If you want to own your favorite Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 without denting your regular budget, opt for No Cost EMI offered by the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. You can buy your smartphone on easy installments by simply using your EMI Network Card and repay in 3 to 24 installments as per your convenience.  If you are already a customer of Bajaj Finserv, you can just login to the customer portal Experia and avail an EMI card through an online application.
In case you do not have EMI Network Card, you can avail the in-store financing from any of the 60000+ retail outlets spread in 13000 cities of India. You can walk into the nearest Bajaj Finserv affiliate retail outlet with your basic KYC details and a cancelled cheque. Their executive available in the retail outlet will assist you to complete simple formalities.

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Beware of Fake Panasonic Eluga Ray 700

In recent time, some greedy vendors have introduced several fake pieces of Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 into the market to make quick money. They are selling the phone at a deeply discounted rate. It the offer is too unbelievable, don’t believe! No company or vendor can sell genuine products at less than half price! The fake and genuine Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 look similar from the outside, but you will realize the difference when it comes to performance. The fake phones come with pirated software and low-grade hardware. Some fake phones were found without any sensors! Hence, never trust unknown or temporary vendors to buy your brand new phone, instead consider approaching reputed vendors with a good historical record in the past.

Top 4 BlackBerry Smartphones to Buy in 2019

BlackBerry has been one of the stars of the Indian mobile phone market. However, it has been struggling to find its feet in today’s competition driven arena. The brand has launched a range of new range of phones.
If you have been a BlackBerry fan, and have missed the brand from the scene in India, 2019 is the time to see the change. Yes, the brand is again trying to strengthen its hold in the market by announcing many Android smartphones

This post is for all the BlackBerry fans that have missed it from the action for long. We list out some of the leading BlackBerry mobile phones in 2019. Read on!        

  • BlackBerry KEYone
The BlackBerry KEYone is a standard smartphone that was recently launched with some basic features. The BlackBerry KEYone features some basic specs that may appeal to an average user. Let’s have a quick look at some BlackBerry KEYone elements:
  • 5-inch display with a screen resolution of 1080 x 1620 pixels
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB ROM, expandable up to 2TB through a microSD card
  • Cortex A53 2 GHz Octa Core processor
  • 12MP primary camera with Exmor-RS CMOS Sensor
  • 8MP selfie camera with flash
  • Android v7.1 Nougat Operating System
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 3505mAh battery capacity
  • BlackBerry Priv
The BlackBerry Priv is another Android smartphone to be launched from the company. The BlackBerry Priv features are fine to appeal a budget to mid-range customers. Let’s have a look at some BlackBerry Priv features:
  • 4-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 71.9% screen-to-body ratio
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB internal memory, expandable up to 256GB via a microSD card
  • Android 5.1.1. Lollipop OS, upgradable to Android 6.0.1. Marshmallow
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Hexa Core 2 x 1.8 GHz Cortex A57 processor
  • 18-megapixel rear camera + 2MP selfie camera
  • 3410mAh battery
  • BlackBerry DTEK50 smartphone
The BlackBerry DTEK50 smartphone is a device that saw its launch some months before. It offers some average specifications, and it may be your choice in the budget to mid-budget range. Here are some features of the BlackBerry DTEK50 phone:
  • 2-inch touchscreen scratch resistant display with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB internal memory, expandable up to 2TB via a microSD card
  • 13MP rear camera with auto-focus
  • 8MP front or selfie snapper with flash
  • Android v.6.0 Marshmallow Operating System
  • Qualcomm Octa Core 1.5 GHz processor
  • 2610mAh battery 
You just went through some of the latest BlackBerry smartphones in 2019. The company is poised to launch many devices in the future to spice up the competition. Are you ready to buy one of the discussed BlackBerry mobile phones, and don’t want to spend much? You can buy your preferred device on EMI. Let’s know more about this:
  • BlackBerry Key2
Are you looking for a BlackBerry smartphone with some modern features? You can go for BlackBerry Key2. Let’s have a look at some of the key features of the BlackBerry Key2 which also includes the QWERTY keyboard:
  • 5-inch full HD capacitive touch keyboard display with 1620 x 1080 pixels
  • 6GB RAM
  • 64GB internal storage with an expansion capacity of up to 256GB via a microSD card
  • Dual 4G SIM connectivity
  • The latest Android v8.1.1 Oreo Operating System
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 2.2 GHz + 1.8 GHz Kryo 260 Octa Core processor
  • 12MP + 12MP dual rear camera with dual tone LED flash, HDR and 4K video recording
  • 8-megapixel front camera to click stunning selfies
  • 3500mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 facility
Buy BlackBerry smartphones on No Cost EMI

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All EPF Related Question Answered

EPF Account
If you are a salaried employee, then you must be holding an Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Account with the EPFO. It is quite necessary to open an EPF account if you are an employed person and draws a salary of up to Rs. 15,000 per month. However, it is optional for those individuals who are earning more than this amount.
The EPF is managed and controlled solely by the Employees Provident Fund Organization of India (EPFO) and any organization who employs more than 20 persons is necessarily required to get registered with the EPFO to avail EPF benefits.
Here, we bring you the top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to EPF and its operation.
Is a contribution to the EPF mandatory?
No. Contribution to EPF is not at all necessary for everyone but it is mandatory for those individuals who earn a basic salary of up to Rs. 6,500 per month. However, it is totally voluntary for those individuals who have a basic salary of more than Rs. 6,500. But in practical cases, it is strongly recommended to make such contributions to avail of the various benefits from an EPF account.
What am I supposed to do if I change my job? And what if I quit my job without joining elsewhere?
In such a case, one may transfer his balance from one employer to another employer. Whatever balance you have in your PF account that will remain in that account only and your new employer can start making fresh contributions in it. And in case if you quit your job, PF can be withdrawn after providing a declaration in written format.
What is the current rate of interest on EPF Account?
Every year, the interest rates on EPF accounts are revised by the central government depending upon the revenues made by the EPFO during the previous year on its deposits. For FY19, the interest rate on EPF is 8.00%.
From where can I check my EPF account statement online?
EPF subscribers can access their account statements online by visiting the official website of EPFO ( This facility is available only to those EPF account holders who are currently active and are making contributions in the EPF account.
Can I contribute more than 12% of my basic salary towards EPF?
Yes, you can via VPF or Voluntary Provident Fund. The money contributed to VPF will earn the same interest as the EPF contribution and is subject to all rules and regulations that are applicable to EPF.
How would I know about the accumulated amount in my PF account?
You may know about your accumulations in the PF account by having a look at your annual statement sent by the PF office at the end of the financial year through your employer.  It contains details like opening balance, the amount contributed, total withdrawal, interest earned and the closing balance in the PF account.
How long does a usual EPF Withdrawl take?
Usually, the processing time for your EPF withdrawal takes around 2-3 weeks. But you will receive the final amount not before than 90 days. It is because your previous employer cannot submit the withdrawal request for taking out your accumulated amount until 60 days pass after you resigned. After that, the EPF office will take other 2-3 weeks and eventually you will get your PF money at the end of the 3rd month.

It is very important to know each and every minute details before you start making contributions in your EPF account. These several sets of questions will help you to make a better and informed decision.

Seven Latest Gadgets Every Tech Geek Must Know About

Seven Latest Gadgets Every Tech Geek Must Know About 5
There’s constantly one buddy inside the group who is a tech geek but mostly Apple Geek. They will hold themselves updated with the cutting-edge iOS, iPhone, MacBook and lot extra. Even when an occasion like birthday or perhaps anniversary arrives, it becomes the actual warfare in locating the perfect present.
Therefore, today in this blog, we are going to gift you the top ten items for the geeks in your life. Check it out and consider us; they will be extremely joyful to get hold of a present that wins the heart of the recipient.
1. Headphones
Apple’s airpods are simply great but what not anything suits up to the headphones that are long lasting and improves audio quality. You can browse the net and discover such headphones.
The trendy headphones use high tech features like optical sensors and motion accelerators.
This fashionable characteristic will robotically direction audio and interact the integrated nice within the microphone. Inside the airpods, the Siri is controlling the sound.
The mic filters use the history to enhance the audio quality. You may buy the wi-fi headphones from the beats and concentrate to the modern-day song.
2. Table tray organizer
  • An organized life leads to boost up within the productiveness. As a result, one need to usually ensure that the substances or different matters are well organized.
  • Another gift that you could present is the table or desk tray organizer. For someone who constantly ends up wasting time in finding the matters, desk tray organizer is perfect. Area your MacBook at the table and attach the organizer with it. You can put in all your items inside it. Furthermore, the desk tray organizer consumes minimum space that makes it a higher option wherein there may be much less area. Truthful to build up, it is easy to without difficulty keep tidiness.
3. Moment image case 
  •  The instant is famously regarded for its splendid satisfactory photographs. For all of us who loves images, it’s for an extremely good gifting idea. The moment lens is built within the cellphone case, so you do now not must attach lens one after the other.
  • It’s miles skinny and sturdy with the rubberized frame. You could get the price of grip and protection, capture the photographs with one-passed capturing.
  • The instant image case is light in weight and easy to carry, suits within the pocket without problems – making your iPhone a better digicam. In truth, if it’s miles broken, there is a guarantee duration of 12 months.
4. Apple watch series
The brand new apple watch series is stunning. Maximum up to date capabilities – it’s miles vital for a fan. What’s extra exciting is the fitness tracker that lets in you to examine your heart price tracking, counting steps and a lot greater facilities are to be had.
Bet what, you can even jog around without having your telephone close by. The new Apple smartwatch allows you in setting the alarms, sending and analyzing the text messages, watch the notifications or simply pulling up the Siri.
5. Portable charger
Anyone can face low battery problems. You turn the brightness down after which activate the low battery mode. Although, iPhone does eat battery. Because of which one should always keep a returned up with a portable charger.
There are exclusive kinds of chargers available that fits tightly right into a pocket. And it is able to make your smartphone survive whilst you need the most. Anker bricks are one of many transportable chargers, which might be endorsed by means of most of the customers.
It is able to free up against the phone as much as seven instances. Except, the portable charger is offered in blue, pink, black and white.
6. Macbook and Tablet Holder
Covers upload a captivating touch to the gadgets as opposed to the monotonous look. You may get through a website keep of so many covers available. Then again, choose the bean cover in step with your choice or a specific topic.
7. Macbook stand
Preserving the laptop a touch above you is crucial. If not saved consequently, it may cause a few worse accidents from bending over and continuous stress.
The MacBook holder will maintain it at the right distance. The stand adjusts easily. If you wish to go to some other room, then you could deliver it along with the MacBook. Accurate attitude and modifiable view, one could set it whatever makes it secure.
When you are deciding on a present, all you need is the proper nudge in a correct direction. For this reason, the above written are gifts that you may provide it to the apple geek in your lifestyles and be equipped to obtain a bone crushing hug in return.