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Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry 1

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Mention the word ‘fashion’ and you are automatically reminded of creativity. It is, no doubt, an industry where famous designers always have to be on their toes to keep up with the recent trends. They either have to set the trend or remain two steps ahead of the fashion curve. And when it comes to embracing new technology, the fashion industry is one field which has always welcomed innovations with open arms. With artificial intelligence, the industry has managed to keep a system which is more transparent and more beneficial to the customers. In this article, we will focus on the changes brought about by artificial intelligence in the fashion industry.
Reputed fashion brands such as Burberry, Adidas, and Nike have already implemented AI in their organizations. The AI applications range from chatbots to help in customer service and designing personal items for the customers.
Artificial Intelligence In The Fashion Industry
1. Visual Search
Let us first focus on the first benefit. It is a visual search. Now, let us imagine, you have gone to a wedding. There, you see a girl wearing a beautiful dress and wanted the same pattern for yourself. But in the busy event, you could not talk to the girl. So, you took a picture of the dress on your mobile and came home. You posted the same image on the internet and many e-commerce platforms. Behold! You got the same dress pattern in an e-commerce store. How did this happen? It did, because of artificial intelligence algorithms. You can call this aspect one of the first benefits of artificial intelligence in the fashion industry.
2. Fast Alerts in Changes of Fashion Trend
personalized attention

The fashion industry is also about selling clothes. Not one or two. But by the thousands. Imagine a reputed brand which has outlets all over the world. Let us imagine the situation. A Hollywood movie has become a blockbuster. The heroine has sported a beautiful dress which has become a fashion trend. Now, the reputed giant has to ensure that the same pattern dress is available all over the world. So, how does it come to know about the change in fashion trend? By the marketing team, which has implemented AI in its analytical tools. This is another benefit of Artificial intelligence in the fashion industry.
3. Shrinking the Manual Labor
stitching of clothes
Artificial intelligence robots have already replaced some low-level jobs in Japan. The same can happen in the fashion industry when it comes to tailoring the dresses. In recent times, the customer has more focus on individual attention rather than remaining in the pack. And when it comes to dressing, every customer will want his/her dress to be the best representation of himself. Companies involving stitching dresses in the fashion industry have recently shifted over to the usage of Artificial intelligence applied tools. This is another area where Artificial Intelligence in the fashion industry has given the maximum benefits.
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4. Selection of Dresses
Selection of Dresses
You are shopping online on an eCommerce platform. You selected a dress and when you have put the one in the cart, you get recommendations. Example, the message reads like this – the person who brought the dress also bought other products. Will you like to take a look? This technology becomes possible only through artificial intelligence applications. This is the fourth benefit of artificial intelligence in the fashion industry.
So, have you read the article on the benefits of artificial intelligence in the fashion industry? We have touched only on four benefits. There are more, and we will like to focus on them in the future. Do you like to have similar information regarding the use of new technology in the fashion industry? Then why don’t you opt for a subscription to our newsletter?
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