You Found What in Your Man’s Bathroom?!

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Man’s Bathroom
Ladies, we all have our personal go-to beauty products.  From the perfect eye cream to our favorite hair products, the self-care routines we practice help us to feel great from the inside out.  Contrary to popular belief, men practice self-care too! A guy’s section of the bathroom can sometimes feel like unchartered territory, especially if the relationship is just getting started. By entering at your own risk, there’s a chance that you will find some products you are unfamiliar with. Things that will make you say, “huh?” But, have no fear. Men embracing a grooming and/or self-care routine of their own is a good thing and we’re here to give you a break down of some of the most frequent products that are likely to throw you for a loop, but shouldn’t.
Beard Oil
Sometimes it can be labeled as “grooming oil”, which sounds pretty strange, but as long as he’s using it for his beard there is nothing weird about it! But does beard oil mean that he’s one of these hipsters that’s going to style his beard or mustache like it’s 1920? Not at all.
While that scruff might look incredibly sexy, it doesn’t always feel so great when it rubs against your face. Beard oil is the perfect solution for this. Not only does this product tame and smooth your guy’s beard, but it keeps it flake-free, smelling fresh, and can also moisturize his skin! The main ingredient in most beard oils is sweet almond oil which has many health benefits including revitalizing the beard and leaving whiskers visibly healthy from root to tip.
Anti-Aging Cream
Now this is something I bet you never thought you’d see a man use. Let’s face it ladies, you’re not the only ones who want to be wrinkle-free. Men care about those laugh lines a lot more than you think they do. A great way to combat the natural aging process is with an age-fighting product, designed for a man’s skin. Rather than a flowery smelling lotion, men can will normally opt to use an anti-aging serum that’s light and fast penetrating to get deep down into the problem areas of the skin where wrinkles begin. A little goes a long way and you can’t fault him for being preventative, right?
Acne LED
As strange as it may seem to find an odd looking blue lamp in your partner’s bedroom, there could be an easy and practical explanation for it. Those who suffer from acne know how serious of a problem it can be. While there are plenty of treatment options out there, side effects can vary from person to person. Creams and other topical treatments may causes rashes, or other irritations. Or they may only be working on the surface; never actually reaching and treating the root of the problem. If this is the case, our guy’s only source of relief may be something called an LED therapy light. Using the light a few times per week, can dramatically help clear the skin from blemishes. This treatment method helps penetrate pores to get rid of acne causing bacteria.                                         
 Acne LED       
Teeth Whitening Strips
Guys love their coffee and wine just as much as any woman. However, indulging in these beverages can leave unwanted teeth-stains. Whitening strips are a quick and easy way to hide any evidence of those stains and keep that smile shining bright. In only a few a days, you will be able to have a whiter smile that can last up to twelve months. A U.K. study showed that 71% of women found good teeth to be the most important characteristic in a mate.
Hair Care
Women may spend more time caring for their hair than men, but that doesn’t mean men aren’t interested in healthy hair! Since men are more likely to lose their hair as they get older, it only makes sense that a man would have some healthy hair care products in his medicine cabinet. For those men that are already sporting a receding hairline, you may find products like finasteride, which can help stop hair loss and help new hair grow. Men with less immediate issues may only be looking to take some preventative steps.
This could be indicated by the presence of specific shampoos or even biotin gummies that promote healthy hair growth. Some gummy vitamins also nutrients that are good for the heart, nerves and digestion, so it should be no shock to find your man looking to capitalize on a few of these benefits.
While some of these items may leave you feeling surprised, you should feel proud your man is putting time into his grooming routine. If he’s looking good and feeling good, that will only help to elevate your relationship! Remember, next time you stay at his place and you forget one of your beauty products, you may not have to search too far to find a replacement!
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