Perfect Step-by-Step Winter Makeup Ideas

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Perfect Step-by-Step Winter Makeup Ideas 1

Guntersville blogger and fashion maven, Savilla Mountain, is in the process of constructing a blogging empire built on everything vogue, and she’s serving it for the most important meal of the day.
“One of my favorite quotes is, ‘When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I found it fed me more,’” Mountain said. “I felt like that was so me. I feel like I get so much from that. That’s why I named it ‘Vogue for Breakfast’, because that’s how I start my day. I want people to start their day with fashion, breakfast and my blog.’”
“Vogue for Breakfast” is filled with trendy and affordable suggestions, covering Mountain’s personal style, makeup looks, her favorite products and more. She says her goal is to show women that fashion can be affordable, while having an outlet to let out some creative energy.
“As a teacher, everything that I post is very affordable,” Mountain said. “Of course I love high-end fashion, but that does not fit my budget, and it doesn’t fit a lot of people’s budget.
“Sometimes I’ll do a ‘Splurge and Save’ post, and I’ll find similar items one being high fashion and the other being much more affordable. It’s funny because you can almost always find the exact same item.”
Mountain’s success in the blogging industry has grown seemingly overnight, but a lot more went into it than share, post, click.
She set up shop in 2015, and her blog has grown considerably since she first bought her domain. She now has 20,000 Instagram followers, is accumulating sponsorships from various fashion lines daily and has something that gives her that little extra time to relax and let out her creative energy.
Mountain said that in the beginning though, she knew nothing about building websites, photography, modeling and self-promotion. Her husband, Adam Mountain, helps her with photography and she’s her own model, website administrator and fashionista.
“My husband Adam works out, goes to the gym, and that’s okay, that’s his thing, but I felt like I needed something for me,” she said. “For me, and it’s not anything negative about living in a small town, but a lot of people don’t have the same interests as I do. But this has been exciting to connect with people from all over the country and even the world who share the same interests as I do.
“This has grown so much since December. I will eventually have to form an LLC. It kind of just started out as an outlet and as a hobby, but I’m looking forward to the future.”
Mountain’s closet isn’t filled to the brim with clothes, and her shoe rack isn’t piled with high heels, fashionable flats and zip-up leather boots. She said she’s too organized for that. In fact, she already knows what she is going to wear next Saturday.
Thanks to the success of her blog and her self-proclaimed “Type A” personality, she does receive clothes, accessories and makeup from her favorite boutiques. When her closet gets too full, she gets rid of the shoes and even the cold shoulder tops.
“There definitely has to be some order,” she said. “As more stuff comes in, you have to clear out the old. If there had been any disorganization, this would have been nipped in the bud a long time ago.
“It’s really hard for me to part with some of the clothes in my closet, though, because for me, every piece is attached to a memory,” she said. “I still have my Auburn graduation dress. I still have the dress I wore on mine and Adam’s first date, and what I wore on my first day of teaching.”
She says a love for fashion and the engagement is truly what keeps her going.
“Fashion definitely makes you feel more confident,” she said. “I think a lot of women don’t necessarily know how to dress their bodies, and it’s nice to share. I think wearing a piece of clothing, and later having that memory is special. I still have those shirts that I will probably never wear again, but I will never get rid of.”
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