How to be a good wife and learn to do 10 things well?

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How to be a good wife and learn to do 10 things well? 1

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Many women have been studying how to get a man, but they don’t have to spend time and energy. It is easy to get a man, because 99% of men like women who will be spoiled. Although the husband prefers to shed blood without tears, men can bend their waists for women’s “silly”. Spoiled is a woman’s handcuffs, more sharp than the “Eight Heavenly Sword”, a shot will hit the man’s death, and then a strong and brave man will be helpless in the woman’s squeaky voice. A woman who is spoiled is more able to impress a man than a girl who is introverted and self-conscious. It is also popular among people around.

The psychologist said: “The woman who will spoil is the happiest, spoiled is a kind of wisdom, and spoiled can be a shortcut for women to advance.”
Give him plenty of personal time
Everyone needs to have time to stay quiet. When he got home after a hard day, my husband hopes to relax. If this time, if you open it, you will always talk about your child or neighbours, what do you think your husband will think. If he wants to be quiet, let him do this. Smiley welcomes her husband to go home and give him some time. If he wants to talk, he will come over and talk to you.
Give men a chance to be attentive
When a man likes a woman, he looks forward to pleasing the other person and is excited by his expectations; once he feels full satisfaction, he no longer has the pleasure of chasing. If he can maintain the proper distance, he will not only be able to make him interested, but also give him the opportunity to continue chasing. A “bad” woman knows how to give a man a diligent opportunity everywhere, rather than just paying like a prostitute.
Know his minefield
If you are together for four or five hours, the couple with the best relationship will have a squabble, and even escalate to cause a big quarrel. The reason for the squawk is mostly because of the trivial matter. If you know what the husband hates, try not to step on it and not step on his minefield?
Know how to support his way of doing things
Have you expressed any gratitude to him? When was the last time to say thank you? If you say a year ago, it will definitely not work! If a man is thankful, he will feel thanks and support from his wife. Say a word of gratitude without spending money, often thank him, praise him! 

Don’t ignore the diminishing couple life
Even if the relationship between husband and wife is okay, there are many couples who have become less and less likely to live in couples because of the same life or the fatigue of their lives. Never ignore it. Please don’t blame him, please fill in the passion you have never had before. Occasionally let your family or friends take care of the following children, and go out to enjoy with the husband and two, and a new passion will be created between the two.

Good Wife
Respect his dreams
Women are more realistic than men. This realist tendency will become more apparent if you have mastered the financial power of the family. If the husband casually said “When can I live in that kind of house!”, don’t say something like “What do you say stupid! How can there be so much money!” 

This super-realistic word breaks his Cold water. The woman is excited because she expects the other person to bring happiness, and the result is that she gives unreservedly; the man is excited by the feeling that he will capture the woman’s heart. Her happiness represents his success, and her satisfaction is his happiness.
Appropriately showing weakness in front of men
The woman shows weakness, just to give the man the opportunity to pamper, care, protect, and care for her. Let the man be “the most gentle and gentle, like a water lotus, can’t win the breeze”, and the man will be like a king. Happiness, because he remembers that there is a home that he needs to protect, and there is a woman in his family who needs his care, and his heart will remain in his kingdom forever.

In the Korean drama “Rose Life”, the reason why the male lead abandons his wife and find another lover is: “You are very strong. I don’t care if I don’t care, but she is too poor. If she leaves me, she will not live!” At that time, a strong woman will change. Into the blame, I am afraid that people can’t help but also help! Remember that women’s weakness is not fragile, not weak, it is just a little wisdom to make the family more beautiful!
To maintain the image of the husband
When a smart woman chats with others, she likes to praise her husband with love, while some women do not understand this. They say that their husband is not for fun, and often tirelessly shakes their dissatisfaction with their husbands. . If the husband and wife are alone, it is no harm to criticize and criticize, but if someone else is present, the result can be imagined. This kind of wife does not think about her husband, regardless of her husband’s situation, not only affects the relationship between the two, but also seriously delays her husband’s career and future.
Maintaining the image of the husband is also maintaining his image.

The husband and wife are one, his success is your success, and his failure is your failure. In today’s society, everyone knows that image packaging is very important for success. Therefore, the wife must not neglect her husband’s image packaging. Preserving the man’s face is to preserve the woman’s own face, and it is also a method of husband and wife’s love.
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