A Fashion Blogger’s Guide to Flaunting Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses Effortlessly

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Coming up the right dress for a wedding is always exciting. But it is quite stressful, too. The bride has only announced sequins to be on the main focus. From cute to sexy, sequins can do it well. Hence, there is a no chance that you are going to be stuck with a boring ensemble. In any case, your bestie is going with a mix and match style; you are in for a treat. Keeping the metallic shimmer in mind, you are free to choose the dress style and everything else.

It is not a surprise to anyone that sequins stand out in the crowd. When you are attending as a bridesmaid, a flash of sparkle can make everything glow. On top of it, the style works out during any season. Is the wedding taking place during summer and it is in the open air? Or, is it in cold winter? The shimmering is perfect for any time. Even bridesmaids are not afraid to try the embellishments during the daytime either. However, many of them do not how to stand out with a sequin dress. Hence, you need proper guidance before picking out the dress for the wedding. To know more, go through the following section.

Neutral Shades Work the Best

Sequin bridesmaid dresses have the power to make or break a deal. For a rocking wedding party, the sequins need to be right on point. However, the dress cannot be too overwhelming, either. After all, nobody wants to outshine the bride on her big day, right? If you pick neon green or bright red for the fabric, the whole thing can be too much. Weddings call for romantic and mellow shades. Champagne, taupe, or rose gold may be the color to consider. The perfect tones easily enhance the accents. Hence, the maids will complement the whole wedding theme as well.

Gold may be the Color of the Hour

Contradicting many women’s opinion, gold sequins are not flashy always. A bride likes to keep up the romanticism of the theme. So, a metallic skirt on the light gold shade can make anyone stand out from the crowd. The same shade is available in different options. So, you can make a comfortable choice, too.

For the Spring Weddings

Sequins can be romantic if you can pick a tulle gown. A pale shade like mint green can do justice to the attire. However, the bright emerald green creates a contrast to the white bridal dress. If the big event is taking place in the backyard, the floral backdrop and the echo of colors seems like a fairytale. Copper and bronze may not look as bad as you think. When the event is loaded up with festive greenery, it might be just the right shade to choose for any bridesmaid. Even rose gold can bring a classic glamour and blush pink along with tulle and sequins can enhance the love quotient.

A-line Sequined Dress

Sequins go hand in hand with A-line dresses. Moreover, they can flatter every body type. The upper body fits more and the bottom part widens, just like the shape of ‘A’. If you have a wide waist, the silhouette can slim it down. Additionally, the highlight remains on the hips. To be precise, the dress beautifully fits a pear body. It looks chic and stylish. The sequins give out shimmering effect when the embellishments are on the back and sleeves. In any case, the style highlights the best features of your body.

If you want to become of a fan, take a look at the wide collection of rose gold bridesmaid dresses now.

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