Digital Marketing Audit for Better Results

Digital Marketing Audit for Better Results

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In this modern world of digital marketing, everybody wants to be number one. However, achieving the number one position is not an easy job as it looks like. It needs quite a lot of efforts and time to do so. It would help if you implemented various strategies to achieve the number one feat.

Now the question arises, how does one implement their marketing strategy?

As an answer to that question, first, you need to audit your current digital marketing strategy using a company audit. Auditing your digital marketing strategy helps you identify what action items and fixes will help you to get your lead back.

Some reasons to conduct digital marketing strategy audit

  • Un-stability of Website Traffic
  • Not achieving your sales target
  • Low social following
  • Higher paid marketing budget
  • Optimize the bounce rate on web pages
  • Improve CTR in Email Marketing

How to Conduct a Digital Marketing Audit which will Improve Your Results Exponentially

Following are the steps to conduct a digital marketing audit that will improve your results exponentially.

Audit and Optimize Your SEO strategy
  1. Audit and Optimize Your SEO strategy

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the heart or core of the Digital Marketing Strategy. Without proper SEO, you can’t rank your website in search engines like Google. Also, you cannot drive traffic to your website.

About 61 % of customers use search engines to search for a product before purchasing it. By this, If you want your website to get discovered by them, you need to rank well for your focussed keywords.

For Search Engine Optimization of your website, there are two contenders. The first contender is the Search Engines Algorithm updates, and the second contender is your competitor. Both these contenders can affect the rankings of your website regularly. So to keep in pace with both these contenders, you need to perform SEO audit typically.

You can implement your SEO strategy by the following steps

  • Keyword Analysis
  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization
  • Technical Issues
  • Mobile Responsiveness

2. Audit Your Social Media Marketing

Like SEO, Social Media Marketing or SMM can also help you to rank your website. Search Engines help to search for products, and Social sites help you to collect information regarding the reputation of the product.

About 75% of people of age between 18-26 years use recommendations and reviews for a specific product from social sites before purchasing that product. For a substantial social presence, you need to maintain your business profiles on the most prominent social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+.

You can conduct a Social Media Audit by the following steps

  • Identifying Social Networks
  • Maintaining Social Profiles
  • Content Sharing
  • Time to Sharing
  • Use Hashtags (#)

3. Content Marketing Audit

We all know that content is king. This content should have good quality. However, just creating quality content is not enough. You need to share your content so that it can reach your targeted audience. To be a king of the digital world, you must focus on both content creation and content marketing. For the maximum reach of your content, you need to make a proper strategic plan.

Following are some points that can help you perform a content marketing strategy audit to make it better.

  • Audience Research and Evaluation
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Optimization
Paid Advertising Audit

4. Paid Advertising Audit

Paid Advertisement is a great way to sell your products and services in a faster way through ads. It is a faster method to sell something, but it requires quite a huge budget. If you don’t have a proper paid advertising audit strategy, then it can quickly wipe away your budget without giving anything in return.

Google AdWords is a platform that most businesses invest their budget for creating an online advertisement.

Below are the things to consider for making your paid advertisement profitable.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Targeting Analysis
  • Quality Score
  • Ad Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization

Smart Marketers regularly track their approach and make adjustments to their digital marketing strategy to improve it.  Performing a digital marketing audit can be overwhelming for many companies that already suffer from a lack of time and workforce. The digital marketing audit is an essential component for your overall digital marketing strategy.

However, companies struggling to collect these metrics or are not sure how to act on these metrics can take the help of an Accounting Firms to conduct a detailed digital marketing audit.

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