Best Winter Coats and Jacket for the Year 2020

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wonder women jacket

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Winter is one of the seasons when dressing up elegantly is a challenge. Wearing jackets and coats can really mess up your look, they hide your outfit and makes you look fat. People who can slay their winter outfits are the ones who really have a sense of dressing. For all those who feel that it’s difficult to dress up nicely in winters, this is exactly where you are meant to be.

In winters, you need to know exactly how to dress up whilst maintaining your look and also not to freeze to death. Getting the perfect coats and jackets for your outfit is one of the hardest things to find. For instance, if you are going for a robust look, you could prefer wearing the Wonder Women Jacket. On the other hand, if you are going for an elegant look, you can wear the Harley Quinn jacket which comes with fringes. There is a variety of distinct and beautiful options to slay your winter outfits, only if you look closely.

Here are some of the top winter jackets and coats that you can use so you can stay warm and slay your outfit at the same time.

1.    The North Face McMurdo III

This is one of the best jackets you can opt for if you are looking for a casual look. This jacket would be perfect since it has the most important basic features which includes being waterproof, it would keep you warm, it blocks the wind and it is breathable and convenient for you to wear for a long period of time. It has an upper thigh length cut which gives you plenty of space to fit in. The jacket comes in a beige/ brown color which makes it suitable on all outfits. This jacket is comparatively more convenient for you to wear in casual outings and long gatherings.

2.    REI Co-op Stormhenge 850

This jacket can be used in your casual outings as well as performances. This is one of the most demanded and premium jackets. This jacket has the feature of resisting water thus being waterproof which a two layered shell. It consists of pit zips in order to dump heat and a two-way zipper at the front of the jacket. It consists of an attached hood at the back of the jacket as well as comes in a very affordable and reasonable price.

3.    Rab Neutrino Pro

This jacket is one of the best choices since it can be used for casual use as well as performances by the one who wears it. The best feature about this jacket is that it is extremely lightweight and would be comfortable to wear even if you wear it all day long. It comes with an attached hood at the back of the jacket which is adjustable. It has a front zipper closure and is waterproof to save you from the chilly winter rains. This jacket comes in a beautiful shade of blue and is one of the most convenient casual jackets you can lay your hands on.

4.    Patagonia Tree 3-in-1 Parka

This jacket is the best casual wear you can ask for. Finding a jacket which is comfortable along with being good enough to keep you warm is something that is hard to find. This jacket is well-insulated and has clean lines. It looks classy and casual at the same time. This particular jacket is fully waterproof and would be the most comfortable upper you’ll wear in these winters. The 3-in-1 construction of the jacket allows you to wear the waterproof shell on the rainy days and zip in the inner down layer when the mercury drops. It is one of the most convenient as well as good-looking jackets you can grab for this winter.

5.    Feathered Friends Khumbu Parka

This jacket is mostly used for performances. The manufacturer of this jacket usually works with premium products. This jacket is heavyweight and would be perfect for you in the chilly winters. It is jammed with high quality material. It consists of a hood attached at the back of the jacket along with a front zipper closure. You probably can’t wear this all day long but it would be the most convenient fit for you to wear in extremely chilled occasions like when climbing a mountain or other such events.

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