Best parental control apps for PC and android

Best parental control apps

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Do you feel helpless in preventing your children from seeing unnecessary things? Are you worried about your child’s abnormal behavior like aggression, depression, loneliness, or the use of abuse language? This is the ultimate reaction of kids when they face any social threat, being a bully, have a dispute with friends or don’t want to study.

To control your kid’s unacceptable behavior, there is spy technology. Spy Software’s are one of the most beneficial technological innovations of this era which has been reducing millions of parents’ problems by enabling them to remotely control their kid’s activities.

If your budget is not enough to think for spy apps, still you can enjoy surveillance apps like TOS and others. So, no worry anymore, these apps give special discount offers especially on parental solutions. In this article, we will look deeply at different parental control apps hidden benefits.

Best Parental Control App

Tracking apps make sure your kids’ safety by providing you with every single information which your kid has performed. They give ethical supervision control to parents who are legally allowed to guardians. Their powerful tools empower the parents to take initiative instead of thinking. Parents can have a look at their kids’ all immoral and moral activities and can know about their interests as well. 

Let’s talk about all these popular parental control apps.


As the crime rate ratio is higher than earlier. To prevent your kid from online dangers, TOS let the parents aware of their kids each and everything. Abusing, smoking and criminal activities also destroy a teenager’s life. Parents can keep a strong eye on their growing kid’s company and can prevent them from harmful friends as well.

Here we will discuss some common TOS features which work in both targeted devices, either its window system or Android device.

Call tracker works on mobile devices that track all received and dialed calls.

Message Tracker enables the user to watch the live conversation and record chats as well.

Live 360 Surrounding recorder works on both devices, which allows the user to listen live and record surrounding sounds like gossip, whispering, meetings, and presentation voices as well.

Live 360 camera viewer allows the user to have a look around the targeted device to view what’s going there.


It supports all versions of Android phones such as 5.0, 5.1.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, 9.1 and 10 as well. Besides that, it also conveniently runs with all models of Android devices. For example, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and others as well.

Besides that, it also conveniently run on all versions of window systems.

Pricing and Packages

TheOneSpy has three packages in the Android spying plan which are Monthly, quarterly and yearly. TOS is also offering a special discount on all these three bundles. Let’s have a look at all three prices.

TOS Android Packages and Pricing

TOS monthly XLite Edition per month cost is $25 while Premium cost is $50.

TOS Quarterly XLite Edition per month cost is about $15 while Premium cost is $28.

TOS Yearly XLite Edition per month cost is about $6.25 while the premium is $12.5.

TOS TheOneSpy Windows system pricing

There is 50% off on all Windows packages of the TOS. Windows packages cost is between $40 to $110.

Other Best Parental Control Apps

Besides TheOneSpy there is other top-rated tracking software as well which provides advance tools-based plans for parents. All apps guarantee of parent’s secrecy and detect every offline and online information in real-time. Here are those other leading spying apps which come after TOS.

2. Spyzie

3. Cocospy

3. mSpy

4. TheTruthSpy


It turns out that TOS is the trustworthy parental control app that allows parents to keep a naked eye on every performed activity of their kids. Its real-time monitoring tools give access to every activity and allow the parents to control function by blocking, deleting, or monitoring.

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