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This is 21st century and it is all about information technology flourishing at the rate of knots. The entire world is at the tip of our fingers because of the internet and every day we get to experience a different aspect of life especially through our social media. However, there is so much more to discover besides the social networking and internet is all about those interesting things we have listed down for you below. There is hardly any chance that you guys are not known to any social media website, therefore we are here with those ten websites which are not social networking yet still very benefitting.

  1. QUORA:

www.quora.com is an online platform for literally all sorts of questions which are answered either by experts or also by random people. From solutions to your mathematics problems to information regarding the worldwide issues, quora.com has answers to everything and is basically a site producing healthy conversations between people from the entire world from all sorts of backgrounds and culture. 

2. TED:

10 Websites Other Than Social Media to Make Your Life Better 1

www.ted.com is one of the most inspiring websites you will ever come across. Featuring the most casual of talks by the world’s renowned names about their struggles is what this website is basically about and definitely helps you get passionate towards your dreams and in the most lightest of ways, the website keeps you going. Do check it out if you feel low and discouraged and find people from across the globe having stories on this website you will see yourself relating to. 



www.wikihow.com is another website you can scroll through as an alternative to the toxic social media. The website shows you ways about how to do literally anything in the world. The best part about the site is that its open for anybody and you and me can also edit our responses which make it very easier for the person trying to look for ways. Type about anything and you will see beautiful graphics and descriptions beneath teaching you how to do it to perfection.



www.coursera.org is one of the most interesting and benefitting websites we have come across. The website offers its users massive number of online courses in which you can easily excel at through on-demand video tutorials, home works, lectures and discussions. In this way, you open yourself to great amount of knowledge and experience that comes to you through the experienced teachers and lecturers. The best part about this website is that it certifies your courses. To be a perfectionist at your skills, you can also enroll in a specialization program the website offers and master what you are best at. 



www.stackoverflow.com is easily the best and the most authentic website available for programmers and aspiring programmers on the internet. The platform serves as a learning medium for the programmers who are faced with any computing difficulty that gets answered by the people already doing well in those areas. You can post your questions there and fix your stuff immediately. 



As the website itself says, www.duolingo.com is the world’s best way to learn a language. For all those people interested in discovering different languages of the world and wanting to be fluent at them, duolingo is the best solution to all such problems as the site helps you in learning the language you are interested in within a few days and months in ways which keep your interest alive throughout. Definitely check this wonderful website out if you wish to learn some different language. 



Instead of checking out the most unreliable of horoscopes and zodiac related speculations on your social media, you should check www.psychologytoday.com out which is a tremendously helping website making you acquainted with different kinds of human behavior relating them to human psychology. As interesting as it could get, the website definitely helps you overcome your over thinking and somewhat keeps you away from procrastinating and imagining completely useless stuff about any particular human behavior you get to deal with. 



When you are a foodie, there is a high chance that you are into cooking and experimenting different cuisines from all parts of the world. To bring every easy and difficult recipe at the tip of your finger, check www.allrecipes.com which is a greatly helpful website in this regard. The website has pictorial and descriptive explanations to the tastiest recipes ever and will make you a complete pro at cooking for sure. 

9. Digital Photography School:

digital photography school

www.digital-photography-school.com is an amazing platform for all the photographers out there aspiring to learn and explore more in this field. The website is a great help to the beginners and has all those tutorials and guides which you might need to improve your photography skills and produce the most aesthetic and sharp pictures ever. 

10. Hollywood Leather Jackets: 

10 Websites Other Than Social Media to Make Your Life Better 2

When we say that the world is at the tip of your fingers, we actually mean it because see how even the entire shopping stores are available online and you can easily buy your favorite product sitting on your sofa. Since its winters and the season is all about leather jackets, we recommend that you check out Mens Bomber Jacket which is a website serving you the best possible quality of products. To further satisfy you and vanish your fears of shopping online, you should check their classy collection of Men’s Bomber Jacket out and as the movie Top Gun has been a latest release of the year, you can also check out their Top Gun Jacket Collection which includes almost all the outfits inspired by those featuring in the movie. 

CONCLUSIVELY, there is so much more to explore on the internet besides Instagram and Facebook. These are just ten websites however you can discover a thousand more according to what you have your interest in. Social media these days has become more of toxicity in our lives and it’s better that at times we do take a break from it and use internet in some different and relaxing ways.

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